1. As others say. It's the Texans. Just a really strange name. It reminds me of the old Hockey team the New York Americans

  2. I honestly don't trust them at all to review roughing the passer.

  3. See. We hired this coach... Who had no coaching experience.

  4. Your a sub. Don't worry about it. If they don't get it done they don't get it done.

  5. Yes absolutely. You have a paycheck you should pay taxes. That doesn't mean we shouldn't make more money. But picking and choosing who of any job that pays taxes is a slippery slope.

  6. Voting out Steve was absolutely the right move. The one area I think he made was voting out Simon over Nina. Liz would take him over Simon giving him an actual route to the end.

  7. The hours. The pay. And the time off. That's what I like.

  8. Fans just suck. This doesn't mean they are trying to give him an eating disorder. They just love to complain and make fun of people.

  9. There's a good chance the streak continues because I think they'll integrate their rookie slowly and start Minshew at first.

  10. The one thing to keep in mind is that alot of the biggest busts have had work ethic concerns. Levis is not that. Based on everything I've seen he is the most obsessed with his craft. Doesn't mean he is the best. But I struggle to see a guy completely bust with his skills and no life outside of football

  11. Not for me personally. It's too open ended which makes it really imbalanced. For large portions of the game my Pokemon were like 10+ higher levels not because I was training but because I did the order not the way the game was designed on accident.

  12. I was curious to see how many pts he got TOTAL after seeing the 10 x 3pt headline... I was thoroughly amused

  13. Both could have made way more money to be fair. The Mahomes contract in particular is an insane deal and underpay.

  14. I felt a lot of people thought it was an underpay at the time. I certainly did.

  15. Do you think Brooks could make it in as the other guard next to Jrue? I might be forgetting somebody but I can’t think of who else would make it

  16. My guess is OG. Or I'm not sure how they count Bridges but I think he's most likely a foreward.

  17. Jordan Palmer: A.K.A someones opinion that is between Dan Orlovsky and Skip Bayless

  18. Jordan Palmer is the person most credited with Josh Allens development. He is considered the best in the entire league in QB development

  19. The biggest strength of Levis is his work ethic and his commitment to becoming a better QB. And there is no better person to match up with than Palmer.

  20. I actually vastly prefer not having a big alliance. This is a much more fun scenario where the players are much more mixed up.

  21. In an ideal world we'd have both. I agree that actually finding stuff that mattered on feeds would be really hard at times and for many seasons I'd just stop and maybe look back at key moments. So Daily are actually way better in that regard.

  22. Embiid is averaging 33.2/10.2/4.2/1.1/1.7 on 54.7/34.7/85.6 and has played 59 games (13 games missed). All that on 65.4% TS.

  23. Using just per game numbers though penalizes Giannis for being on a roster that doesn't prioritize high minutes.

  24. Isn't it equally as impressive to play more minutes, have way better clutch stats, including game winners and daggers, and still be way more efficient? Like dude it's more PPG on 5% more TS%. That has to count for something doesn't it?

  25. So it's better to have a worse team so you get more minutes. Giannis is a one of a kind all time player.

  26. The early games really aren't that long. I think I beat 3 in like 12ish hours.

  27. Lead paint and asbestos in schools were not a concern once.

  28. So the 2nd best team in the West has no one at represented but a team that's going to miss the playoffs and play in entirely does. I guess winning isn't valuable at all

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