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  1. Nah dio was king vamp (this was before carti) and he was a star rugby player, he definitely got mad pussy

  2. I think this is actually one of his off meds moments. This is around when things started to get really bad iirc, pretty sure he's referring to being used by Jews to spread a liberal agenda in this tweet.

  3. I've done this before it kinda bangs actually

  4. Maybe the Love Everyone era really was just kanye trying to be as offensive as possible and were just back to that but wayy worse

  5. There's a time and place to support kanye, supporting him after he says "I am a nazi" is not the time. Just listen to the music like a normal human. WSE was too caught up on hating kanye the person instead of just listening to the music, but supporting kanye the person instead of just listening to the music is literally worse

  6. You don’t get to tell other people who they can and can’t support and how they can and can’t think. To think you have the right to control someone’s mind like that is evil. I still support him right now, so do most people here, what you going to do about it besides whine?

  7. I mean nothing, what do you want me to do I'm just talking through reddit, saying that asking how to support a nazi isn't the greatest thing in the world and somehow that's such a crazy statement to you. And I wanna know why still support ye the person

  8. How did he only get 12 hours wtf, I got 3 permad Twitter accounts and haven't tweeted half the shit he has

  9. I never supported him as a person tbh

  10. Well, imma miss yall. I never really joined the sub thinking kanye was a good person anyways so while yea it's disappointing what's happening it doesn't affect me much but I'm genuinely sad the sub is closing

  11. Nah this is old and it's literally just ye not liking a mix they were still cool after this

  12. Downvoted for pointing out a scam 💀

  13. Ye verses are still mumble but Mr Miyagi is fire af

  14. Best stats and it's sexy af so yes imo

  15. Turning the kanye subs political is so fucking stupid but I guess it was unavoidable with how ye has been huh

  16. It's called soccer and god bless america

  17. Is he wrong? Nick Fuentes is a literal nazi


  19. Stream unironically 100x better when he's not getting baited by chat

  20. This. This is one of the only posts that has comments in this sub

  21. the big difference to me is she didnt take the phone behind xqc's back once xqc gives her the phone its still shitty of her to not give the phone back and use her own to call and talk some shit but its not horrible either.

  22. X giving the phone is him being a dumbass but she purposefully read through his private convos and called his partner at the time that is fucked imo. Huge breach of privacy and the fact X didn't care is weird af

  23. okay first of all the entire point of x giving her the phone was to read those messages so wtf do you mean she purposefully read them? like yeah that was the point. Second i agree with you its a breach of privacy and shitty thing to the other girl but ( and maybe this is just me ) it seems to me xqc cares way more about adept than about the new chick and giving her the phone is an easy way to prove he did not cheat on her. finally i agree with train in that it doesnt really matter how adept finds out she did and she wants to talk some shit so its fine to go for it.

  24. The point of X giving sammy the phone was to show when he and nyxx started texting, not for her to read the actual texts. Also if adept wanted to talk shit about her, sure but she needs to do it at an appropriate time not through her ex's phone. Also she blocked nyxx after

  25. It did dry up lmao. Being 5/27 is a terrible score. Ye album had maybe 2-3 good songs. All in all, he’s had maybe a good albums worth of music since 2016. And released realistically 3-4 albums worth of music since then.

  26. Jail, Hurricane, BWIS (unreleased), Off The Grid, Jesus Lord, Come To Life, Praise God, 24, Moon, Heaven and Hell,No Child left Behind,is not 5/27

  27. MTBMB> SSLP, Relapse, Recovery, Encore Kamikaze is better than all except for SSLP aswell

  28. The accusation that Kanye is making is that he’s always been an antisemitic moron. He just didn’t show that because he was on his meds and behaving like a decent normal person. Now that he’s off his meds, his truth is showing.

  29. Despite what many people believe, kanyes bipolar disorder could make him bigoted and not just because he was bigoted before (not saying he wasn't) for example, his bipolar disorder gives him a heightened state of mania EX: instead of locking your doors you put up wooden barricades on the doors and windows and hide in the closet all day because someone might break in. Because of this, kanye has to blame someone for his paranoia which is what many bipolar people do. Maybe they blame witches or the mafia or aliens or they blame Jewish people. This isn't exactly BECAUSE they hated Jewish people before. it could be that someone that was Jewish did something and they now attribute all bad things to Jewish people. Maybe someone told him "Jewish people are evil" and he ran with it. Or he actually just didn't like Jewish people this while time.

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