1. Does optimal solution exist for NP-Hard *edit problems such as this one ? I’m still quite confused with this concept

  2. I second using WSL if you want to run gcc from windows. What do you mean by problems with version control?

  3. I meant because I need git to switch from devices my windows compiler doesn't not compile correctly what I might code on my macOs

  4. It's a genuine vintage. They weren't very well known back then. This jacket is 1990s era

  5. Sorry, that's not answering my question tho?

  6. Wow you can really see that I started playing China a lot recently.

  7. That post is pure misinformation, I saw this comment there debunking it (but downvoted):

  8. In a distinction by types of entities :

  9. I don’t understand why traders are scared of changes in hashrate personally.

  10. What I understood and correct me if I’m wrong, in attempting to quantify trust in the network the only near real value holder, traders have seen that dropping hashrates is correlated with big swings on the markets, studying the history of the hash blue ribbon indicator would do more justice to the confusion.

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