1. This is surely a troll. There isn’t a boss anywhere that is this completely brain dead.

  2. Second the air purifier. Very nice, carbon HEPA filters can be had for under $300.

  3. Just, if you do this, make sure you get one with a washable or cheap prefilter. The vast majority of airbourne particles are large and will be caught by a prefilter. This will vastly extend the life of your HEPA; which are expensive.

  4. Yeah, that’s perfect. The outer layer will be a cheap or washable

  5. Yeah; that’s fine. Basically put shit in a box and organise it on the way out.

  6. they are EVERYWHERE in my back yard i could take a picture of one spot and there is maybe 20+ they are also decently hard when you squeeze them

  7. Cool, they’re still puffballs. Start research with Bovista and Calbovista

  8. Photos are way small. First set probably around Galerina semilanceata, second possibly Galerina marginata

  9. Tylopilus felleus has brown reticulation on stipe and these mushrooms don’t. Instead they have black pepper looking scabers that point to Leccinum.

  10. I don’t think these are an active Panaeolus. I’d love to be proven wrong but suspect they will not bruise blue.

  11. The last photo is the type of tree it is growing on

  12. Chaga does not grow on dead wood. It does not have a smooth pileus or porous fertile surface.

  13. Didn’t even have to look at the fungus to know it’s not Chaga. The tree is not a Birch.

  14. Fungal spores are ubiquitous. They are on you now and probably every bit of food in your house. Your phone. In your lungs. Don’t panic, the world we live in is not sterile.

  15. In all seriousness, though, I think we just ought to ignore these ridiculous people.

  16. Yeah! The mycelium has a symbiotic relationship with the roots of the plant. The mycelium gives nutrients to the plant to help it survive and in turn the plant gives it sugars from photosynthesis (from what I’ve heard). I’ve seen a few studies by a mycologist in NC who experimented with rhododendron seeds. He found that if he removed the fungus that was on the seeds, they ended up having a higher mortality rate!

  17. Right? Imagine how many times she has rehearsed and practiced this rubbish? Probably spent enough time on it that she could have learned a totally new career or a (real) language or two.

  18. Hands up if you knew, with absolute certainty, that she could not possibly remain silent after she announced that she would? 🖐️

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