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  1. I like him. He actually accepts people that don’t support him. He is a good gay

  2. This could easily corrupted by a controlling parent or something I think

  3. Commenting because I want to know too. Just looked through my Google play history and it isn't there.

  4. Ok, so, I have one to add. However…I don’t remember the name. But I vividly remember the gameplay. You were this Wall-E looking robot and you shot robots coming down to you, like Galaga. I am seemingly the only person who remembers it. If it helps, it’s akin to Velocispider.

  5. It would taste different to everybody. I think it would taste like your favorite food/drink.

  6. Jesus Christ, I’ve been studying monsters for years and I have no idea what that thing is. Looks like something out of a video game. Did it try to attack you or anything?

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