1. Confirmed via email that there’s a regular, fully stocked List drop later in the month. This is just something special for the holiday. Cheers!

  2. Try to smoke after meals, when your stomach is already full, and find an activity that’ll distract you during/after your sesh! Video games work well for me. Also helpful to stop buying unhealthy snacks from the store, I get lazy when I’m high so if there’s no junk in the house I end up making a healthy snack or not eating in that moment. Healthy snacks arent as addictive so it’s easier to not overeat.

  3. i really liked the starburst #40 i haven’t tried any other pheno from that pack or any other ones but that one specifically i really like

  4. Yes I liked every pheno pack I've tried. Not every pheno in each pack, but they're definitely worth trying

  5. Nice, when you put it that way it does sound like it’d be an interesting experience to try a bunch different versions of one or two strains. I’m less into the sweet flavors and more into the garlic/gas though, so if they release a pack that’s not so sweet I might just try it

  6. Go where your nose goes with the rosin. IMO, sativa leaning rosins are rare and you should scoop them when you see them to put in your headstash. Sativa leaning plants do not do well when being washed so there is normally a lower yield. Compared to a GMO which hits 6-8%, a sativa leaning strain at 2-3% means that rosin is 2-3x as valuable per gram.

  7. Dunno why I didn’t see this comment sooner but thank you so much for taking the time to write this out!! I had no idea that sativas were more difficult to make into rosin, but that makes sense since I rarely see them around, and I’ll definitely keep an eye out for them in the future. Honestly wish these 2g jars weren’t so expensive and then I’d feel better about trying out less familiar strains. In terms of classiciation of indica/sativa, do you think using terps to classify different strains is a better system?

  8. I tried liquid karma about a year ago, took about a 300mg dose it just made me super nauseous, didn’t really get me high. I’ve never had that happen with other 1000mg edibles, they usually just get me hella high and give me the munchies. I’ve also heard good things from other people though so I’m wondering if my body just doesn’t react well to nano-infusion. Definitely update us!

  9. Got me a bit nervous lmao maybe I shld go with a lower dose like starting with 1-2 cap fulls

  10. Ever had super silver haze ? That was some amazing strain . I had too many purple hazes I think it’s been adulterated

  11. I smoked a lot of Super Silver in Amsterdam, along with Amnesia Haze, both are really nice! I usually go for the more sleepy strains due to anxiety but very glad I got to try it

  12. La Tertulia was great - went with my girlfriend last month - it has a nice upstairs spot to smoke where you can see the canal

  13. Literally no one in this thread has claimed to be from cali, just said I live here. Someone needs a real smoke lol

  14. No one in this thread has even claimed to be from cali, just said I live here. Someone needs a real smoke lol

  15. “not safe for kids” is a big indicator that it’s not fully legal, legal stuff uses the term “children”. I’m in Cali though so can’t speak 100% on oklahoma packaging

  16. I prefer cold cure. Mountain Grease is actually my favorite, never seen anyone else post them

  17. that sounds crazy! I’ve been dabbing their sour donkey almost exclusively the past few months, but I loved their gas pie too

  18. should i bite my tongue and watch the vid like what kind of intention does this guy have that posted the video

  19. his personality is ass lol but might be worth it, that part of the video with the wick was informative

  20. I do feel like 710 mislead customers by saying they were switching from wick to ceramic components, but theyre still the best rosin pods I’ve had

  21. just the other day i was wondering if people still smoked swishers, takes me back haha

  22. I have a piece just like this, it’s pretty intense and is made for taking huge hits. I’d recommend going with straight tube or beaker for beginners

  23. Do you get your fresh press already dried out/caked up? I usually grab fresh drops, and everytime its is as fresh as it gets. Have some thats been in the fridge for 4 months and it looks like the day I got it

  24. Nope, I order from the list or Flower Co. Even tier 1 still boof compared to grey market cold cure

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