1. A tommahak with asparagus a patatos hell ya

  2. 48 hr wasnt even tired 7 iced coffe`s because i didnt sleap well that night

  3. I think it's mostly my bad insomnia only giving me 1 hour of sleep every school night, but otherwise not great, hope you're doing better than me LOL

  4. Bro same insomnia is worse than physical pain

  5. Search addidas russian vilige boys

  6. Someone punched me there and i went to the hosital

  7. Fornite dancing with hipsters and cats chief halo and naruto and after that killing spiderman like wtf

  8. Jerking at an age that i didnt realize something will actualy happen

  9. In 4th grade i had a friend that i talked to a lot One of his friends a realy perverted guy also talked to him The thing that made me say stop was when he kept switching taking to bot of us i dont mean talk i mean for months he talked shit about me and didnt respond to my dms and if i said a racist joke or some shit he talked to me again after one year i sent fuck you and forgot him

  10. Try to make the fur more clean and fluffy

  11. After one day dramatic cut A new update Brought to you by dramatic cut EA Games

  12. Any russian shit tripaloski Molotov Addias idk

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