1. I did a lot of favourable and unfavourable trades as well, I thought they balance each other out or something... turns out I was wrong😅

  2. Trade bans are an automatic response when you have multiple favourable/unfavourable trades but I thought only ones that trigger the warning message. So there's not one specific trade that set it off. But once you've had one, they also are apparently more likely in the future. What's more, the period of time is longer each time.

  3. Oh, well, that's sad... but thanks for letting me know.

  4. Legendary finder will be best but you want to stop pulling once you "find" the featured legendary because everyone will have it and dupes will be essentially worthless

  5. True, and also there will be much more LimLeg pulls in general, so LimLeg values might go down a bit🤔

  6. Sure - I totally get that. The context here is what throws me off. In a thread about whether someone “should” accept a trade to say no, but then say it’s even felt off.

  7. Sorry if I didn't come across clearly. I meant what Robo explained, but I didn't wanna sound toxic at all. Of course 1:1 trades are not always bad, but if you wanna trade multiple cards in one trade, then your trade token might be more valuable.

  8. Good deal - just the challenges of communicating in a comment thread.

  9. I really like this community, and I wanna remain as one of the most positive members, so sorry if anything was toxic in what I said earlier. Happy we sorted this out and hopefully we'll communicate more smoothly next time😉

  10. Definitely the first one. 200 gems for a guaranteed limleg is a really good offer. The second one feels meh tbf

  11. The Quarter Pounder never gives me anything good. I rarely even get the featured cards.

  12. Crazy, I usually experience the exact opposite. Not to long ago, I opened 4 pounder packs and got all 4 featured cards😎

  13. It's the second best pack I've ever seen tbh, some dude opened a double Mythic together with a limleg a while back... but my best pack is miles behind any of this😅😂

  14. Exactly why I didn't use this pack, I was scared of this type of outcome, happens a lot to me 🙃

  15. Usually I skip these packs too, but it had quite a few exceptionally good cards (Hel, Pika and Ragnarök for example) and that's why I gave it a shot... didn't work out though😅😂

  16. Sorry not to brag. Really hoping u pull something good as well

  17. No problem, it's good to see someone else having lucky pulls👌

  18. That's not as rare as you'd think, but still, gj on that😎

  19. I hate it when someone does that... Like, what do they expect?🤷

  20. Wise words, thanks for keeping this community as positive as possible🔝

  21. Eros and BK are both very good limlegs, so I definitely wouldn't accept.

  22. I'd take the first one and reject the second.

  23. Okay thanks. I thought Naz was a mid mythic on par with Ark. And then Chup was low mid so it would be a bit of a rip off.

  24. I'd say Nazca is high mythic, while ark is mid and chupa is like mid/low, so that offer definitely favoured you :)

  25. If you put 7 legendaries and 2 commons, you'll get a random limited rare+

  26. Yep. Opening Sheep always makes me happy aswell 😁

  27. Looks like he valued getting the card and offered dupes to get it. I did that quite a bit building the last of my fusion material. Both players win and a great trade for you.

  28. Yeah, that's probably what happened. I was happy with it😁

  29. that's an excellent offer. Always worth checking their XP to make sure they were experienced enough to know they were overpaying and just trying to make it attractive, but definitely an upgrade

  30. They needed Mjölnir, so I sent an offer contaning Mjölnir for 1 limepic they had that I needed. He sent this as a counter-offer, so I guess he didn't wanna let go of that specific limepic I wanted, so instead he sent this, but I guess he really needed that Mjölnir🤷

  31. Once again, that only works for some people. And in reality, it shouldn't happen at all.

  32. Sad to hear it doesn't work for you... the best solution would really be if they let you keep extra tokens from the wheel or give coins for the extra tokens.

  33. Right but when the app glitches about once a day, many of us can't watch any more ads, so we're stuck until the wheel. Oops, not any more. Now we're stuck until we get more trade tokens through the wait method.

  34. Wdym the app glitches? If no more ads show up, just close the game and restart. At least, it solves it for me🤷

  35. A guy traded his for a few of my cards when I started playing. I didn't know much about card values back then. And I got the other from the lvl up rewards.

  36. that's a completely random mix of cards they asked for, looks like a confused newbie.

  37. Also, thanks for the clarification, ofc I was being sarcastic. And yeah, mostly newbies send these kinds of offers, but this guy has more exp than me, that's why I was confused (I have around 520k btw, so I can decide if a trade is good or nah.)

  38. That Louvre Pyramid really looks beautiful, congrats!🥳

  39. Yeah, it's only like a 90% chance, so I couldn't have been happier😇

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