1. But different humans will respond in different ways.

  2. Especially if the crying sound is coming from inside your house at 2AM and you don't have a baby.

  3. You forgot Felix, like literally the most stereotypical cat name.

  4. But One Piece is too long and dubs are trash

  5. Just say moe bruh. Your abbreviation confused us.

  6. Trudeau's face in the end is saying "help, get me outta here."

  7. Not a first world problem. Fighting disease and struggling to keep a roof over your head is a whole world problem.

  8. I am Muslim and I can guarantee that it is not offensive. Like really, did they askt the local Muslims if it's offensive? I bet they didn't and just assumed it is.

  9. But I bet these bitches never complained about fat Thor in Endgame.

  10. That’s nothing. I’ve also heard that Brendan Fraser wasn’t in the French Foreign Legion, has never been to Encino and was never even a caveman.

  11. I heard he also never fought a mummy and never actually met Bugs Bunny.

  12. This is the first time I'm actually hearing about her daughter.

  13. Damn "the silent majority" sure is being loud.

  14. She got her priorities. Just not in the right places.

  15. Probably because the game finishes within that time frame?

  16. The game finishes in around a month so yes.

  17. When I was young, there was an overgrown field in the neighborhood my grandfather's house was in. We could see the fireflies their during their season. Now the field is gone and so are the fireflies.

  18. You meab one of the most common character archtypes for a romantic interest?

  19. Gore. Like how the fuck do you get off to that?

  20. That bug has hee around since the first time 7T was added to the game and they still haven't fixed it yet.

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