AITA for kicking my stepson out of the house for smoking weed?

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  1. Also, what the fuck is up with these men getting with women half their age, like holy fuck, dating someone 10 years older than your daughter is disgusting.

  2. No, dating a younger adult does not make you a pedophile. Stop being neurotic.

  3. Reporting a false crime, wasting the city’s resources. These people need to start getting prosecuted for this stuff.

  4. Never mind that this is attempted murder on the level of swatting. She's calling the cops in the hopes that it'll escalate and her target gets shot.

  5. His weight helped slowed down the acting force after the collision. Fat people are cool. We are cool

  6. Coming back in a few hours to see the comment graveyard.

  7. Retiré parce que formulé d'une façon très douteuse. Pas d'avertissement remis.

  8. After the singing, the narrator quickly shifted into sports announcer mode, calling each new crash like ball passes on the field.

  9. Last time this was posted, someone explained that he was mocking their stupidity, pretty much going "See? This is what you get. You can't see anything and you go too fast and tailgate me and this is what you get."

  10. A few decades from now, people will see SJWs/Wokes like we see hippies and beatniks today: Unpleasant, worthless people who annoyed everyone else.

  11. "No one wants to buy our games because they're glitchy, unfun messes riddled with microtransactions. What can we do to fix it?"

  12. Pas d'incitations au meurtres. Avertissement remis.

  13. Cool story bro. Pas d'incitations au meurtre.

  14. Parce que je ne veux pas retirer des commentaires mais que je veux contrer une mésinformation qui a été publiée:

  15. D'après Maxime Deland de Qub radio. Un des enfants du chauffeurs fréquentais ou aurais fréquenté cette garderie.

  16. Et ça a été démenti par TVA/Journal de Montréal presque immédiatement:

  17. Et encore une fois le système de santé mentale n’est pas remis en question. Si demander de l’aide à pour effet de stigmatiser et brimer les individus plutôt que de les appuyer, normal que personne ne se dénonce.

  18. Le problème est double. Non seulement la santé mentale est-elle stigmatisée mais les juges sont hésitants à retirer sa liberté à un individu dangereux malgré un refus persistant de suivre ses traitements et des récidives multiples d'actes violents. Pas que ce soit le cas ici, il semble que cet homme n'ait aucun antécédent.

  19. Pas d'invitations au suicide. Avertissement remis.

  20. Tu ne sais clairement pas ce que c'est un dictateur.

  21. C’est quelqu’un qui donne notre argent sans appel d’offre sans nous dire a qui il a donné l’argent?

  22. Cool. Rappelle-moi quand tu risques un "accident" pour avoir dit "Legros."

  23. Oh I get it now, the government of Iran is going to come execute people in Quebec once the government takes their Hijabs away. Thanks for clearing that up.

  24. Why is it that you have a selective understanding on this issue? I bet if it was a teacher wearing a swastika or wearing a MAGA hat, "It didn't happen in Canada" wouldn't fly with you. I bet you'd understand perfectly then. But when it's this symbol, suddenly it doesn't count? Give me a break.

  25. You're right, if we completely change the situation my response would be different. As it stands I don't see how wearing a kippah or hijab indicates support for a specific political party

  26. You don't see how wearing a hijab supports an ideology. We're done here. Inbox replies disabled.

  27. Just call him Gandalf Shitler and move on.

  28. Considering where the industry is right now, I don't know how anyone can look back and say this was nothing but incels and trolls. Gamergate pointed out a problem in the industry, was ignored and reduced to "a hate group" and yet the industry has just gotten worse and worse. They don't even really try to hide it anymore.

  29. Bon, du "Oui mais une fois y'a un fou qui a commis une tuerie!" réchauffé au micro-onde. Un à-côté de "Les Français ont massacré les autochtones et volé leurs terres" et une tasse de "On est au Canada, parlez anglais" avec ça? Tabarnak.

  30. On est tous des Alexandre Bissonnette dans sa tête.

  31. An article casually leaving out the "I'm going to puke" Twitter post from her...

  32. When your point relies on treating Alexandre Bissonnette like he's an average Québécois and his actions and beliefs are representative of what any Québécois would do, you step beyond "dishonest" and straight into "evil."

  33. You shouldn't swerve to avoid an accident for this very reason

  34. Yeah, just ram straight into that shit with your 20 tons, who gives a shit? /s

  35. I mean... You saw in the video how swerving only put more people in danger.

  36. Yes, it's almost like some other truck was stalling in the passing lane and someone tried to pass it on the right.

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