1. I was told some guys in my shop make “90-130K”. That’s because the neglected to mention it’s 7 x 12’s and you are expected to be a company man and give up any dreams or semblance of a life.

  2. Torch cut is required for NFA items, I torch cut all of it and have no compliance issues. It's also quicker.

  3. Last place I worked at had a Gunbusters attached. They did all our destruction for non use. Got a lot of parts kits from them for cheap.

  4. I’ve only said this a couple times before, however, nice wood.

  5. Yes. Absolutely yes. I work in a repair shop. 6 years experience in Job shops with new manufacture and repair. Welding/fab, Tin knocking, conventional and NC experience. Got into the power generation niche and it was an instant $8.00 an hour pay increase as a B class.

  6. Gearwrench, from tractor supply. On sale cost me like 16 bucks. Definitely a score. I have beaten the shit out of them.

  7. I usually just design something based around a magazine. The first project was based off of an UZI mag.

  8. Hopefully my answer, because my previous career didn’t come to a smooth landing, so to speak.

  9. I have nothing to add to this conversation... but while quickly scrolling through my feed

  10. Find someone with a laser and have them laser it out. We’ve done it with broken screws and even taps

  11. I regularly EDM fasteners out of high dollar assemblies. Most mom and pop outfits won’t have that kind of equipment.

  12. Think about it being off center to the centerline of the Chuck.

  13. That’s 100% right. My partner doesn’t understand that you need to lock every item down with all 3 lugs not just one no matter what it is you’re working on even if it’s just a test item.

  14. We’re good at making parts and screwing around.

  15. Also accurate. Well, within tolerance anyway.

  16. I’m just here to fuck shit up, like the ex’s of the guy above.

  17. Pros, you get to teach the next generation of machinist. You set the deadlines. You get the kids to build you miniature engines. Better hours. Cons, you have to teach kids, some who can't take instructions.

  18. My instructor use to come into class smelling like he just hotboxed his car in the parking lot. Learned a lot from him. I could tell he started to hate life not long after.

  19. Not if you’re experienced. I know some motherfuckers who could put that up sideways, in a bundle of ten. Like my shop foreman. Fuck him.

  20. aka the lightest, sexist, thing available for AT use. Won't punch though a mud hut in Afghanistan tho. D:

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