1. BoyC says:

    Sounds like your addon manager may be executing gw2 with a -mumblelink option thet you’re not setting for taco too

  2. How many of them did you fulfill today? How did you pull each one off?

  3. Only one, found a dev to do fractals with :). The other ones were randomly over the past 10 years (the conquer one was in wvw where our 30 people zerg ran over 2 poor devs once ^^) The Raid one was coincidental and the Strike one was on one of MightyTeapots streams where Darkbringer joined.

  4. "Alrignt, let's do this! Going with my fave class, I have a good feeling tonight"

  5. Except the part where pvp history starts from the bottom :P

  6. Soulbeast (ranger spec) has always been very bursty, even tho they did nerf its burst. There isnt much use for stealth in pve, but if und wanna burst down other players from stealth, thief is probably for u

  7. reply to your ticket confirmation and ask them if they could look into it as you don't want to miss anniversary gemstore sale, they gonna drool the floor to help you

  8. That's not how CS ticketing systems work :D but good idea!

  9. ArenaNet's CS ticket system actually do. I returned to the game last week and had to get in touch for removal of 2FA. :) Here is how there auto-response looks like when a ticket has been opened and confirmed:

  10. That does not mean that replying to the message will make them prioritse your ticket tho, its first in first out. You can not skip the queue

  11. Admittedly not being good at pvp and playing thief are two things that do not pair up too well.

  12. I would suggest making armor for your Main class. If you happen to dislike light armor classes after crafting light armor, it would feel like a waste. 2nd set of armor is not as far away as u might think :)

  13. ive played 500 hours of weaver, never had this bug. what I have had is dagger skills on my sword before.

  14. Usually happens when you mount during attunement swap

  15. I main weaver, but sadly it's not very good in the current meta. Catalyst is even harder to play, but slightly more rewarding. So if you enjoy piano, Catalyst seems the way to go.

  16. I am sitting at 33 striped Barracudas and 0 Sturgeons while on 875 fishing power :)

  17. When you create an account you sign away any rights. It's still their account, you are just allowed to play on it. If they deem the account malicious it's their right to close it without having to justify their action. Could have been hacked while you were overseas, or you bought some cheap MMOGA aacount with a boost on it ... usually bans like that come for a reason. Anet has no intent to randomly ban their players to fuck them over

  18. the truth isnt welcomed around here

  19. my post also just got removed. was literally just a screenshot of some parts of anets statement with the clown face meme template.. maybe anet devs are also working part time as reddit mods

  20. xiit says:

    FB has been busted 4 years and now you start crying?

  21. I quit the game with EOD release, I couldn't care less. Just shitposting :)

  22. this is so off. most melees are busy chasing the tail that they often arent positioned to counter an attack meant for them. also berserkers will be spamming their counter button on cooldown cause it is a massive buff. i really dont ever see melee doing counter unless its gunlancer or destroyer.

  23. Think you'll have a difficult time on some harder content with a "that's not my job" attitude.

  24. OP missing the counter when the boss is facing him and blaming the sorceress for not blinking from back to front and countering.

  25. In a 100 days if you actually went to the gym instead of doing this dumb workout you could have looked a lot better.

  26. is your push ups, sits up in sets or just 1 set of 100?

  27. In sets, started with very small ones and ended up doing 34-33-33 for all three exercises

  28. As someone who has worked in video game support for well known game companies, the issue is not the pay nor the work time. CSR are just lazy in general and rarely play the games they support (if they even play at all). And of course it is outsourced to the lowest bidder.

  29. Exactly that. I also worked for one of these outsource companies for 2.5 years, I was the only one in our team of 80 people that picked up the game and spent some time learning whats going on. Everyone else couldn't give 2 shits about the game or the players. I do have to say however that payment was pretty bad, soooo not really suprising: You get what you pay for.

  30. Support workers are outsourced and underpaid. They don't care about your 17th character

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