1. Hey buddy... What all did they do as far as testing etc for tinnitus. I operated heavy equipment in the Army. When I'm at home there is always some form of background noise; TV, Fans, etc. , or i always hear ringing

  2. I'm no expert but when I was tested for hearing/Tinnitus at my retirement exam and at my C&P exam they were able to test for Tinnutus by sending a sound in my ear and seeing the echo back or something like that. If certain frequencies dont echo then that is a definite sign of Tinnitus. I'm not sure of the details but it was a clear indication I had Tinnitus, I don't believe that shows you don't have it but it is a strong indication that you do. I received 10%. Good luck on getting all you deserve.

  3. What's the difference in timeline for the effective dates? If you don't NEED the money, I'd probably just sit in the corner quiet and enjoy what I have. 100% is amazing, I'd have a tough time "poking the bear" for a couple grand. And I hear they might open it up for review at that point.

  4. I filed 350 days after retirement my effective date for 90% was the first day after I retired. I did file an ITF at the 9 month point as a fail safe but that was not needed. Your effective date should be at retirement or separation the only delta from my situation would possibly be if you filed something after your initial file date but even that should not make a difference. Good luck and congratulations

  5. From what I've read here, I think it's usually 2-3 weeks, but someone else might know better than me. Have you checked your account for any pending deposits?

  6. Thanks for the comment. I have checked the bank and called the VA. Nothing yet. After all the waiting I guess I have to wait a little bit more.

  7. Thanks I checked my account, no joy yet. I was able to see the pending recurring payment on the VA site for about a week before payment.

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