1. When I got their 2nd press rosin and I complained that it wasn't obvious enough that it was, they informed me that they save the first press for their rosin pods, but looking at this makes me wonder.

  2. but when they were asked about their shitty second press rosin, they swore that the first press of it was going to their luster pods. smells like cap 🧢

  3. How is the Weedy’s stuff? Thinking of trying them next when it’s time for a refill so I’m curious. Thanks!

  4. they’re delightful! they all look, and smell amazing, and the effect from what we’ve tried have been great! haven’t tried the dabs yet but we’ll update you 🫡

  5. What’s in the zips and what did you pay?

  6. the zips are by doghouse and are midnight moon and garlato; the midnight moon seems to carry a very hay like smell and taste, not good 😣 the garlato smells faintly of gmo but we have yet to try it! we weren’t sure what to expect, but it doesn’t seem to be anywhere near what we grabbed from weedys last time! $160/ea

  7. Planning on hitting up weedys this week. Their stuff looks hella nice, never been there before

  8. we went there for the first time and got the chapter 2 power pack a few weeks ago, we loved it!


  10. i think people are missing the point. we shouldn’t have to wait for dispensary sale days just so that we can have our medicine at an affordable price. yes, you could argue that there are cheaper products and better deals, but why aren’t we angry that Firerock is charging $96 for 5.66? nothing in this program is worth that price. i feel like this puts into perspective just how much we are spending to medicate in this state.

  11. Fire rock is a Tesla, firelands and cheeper brands is a civic, like there is a huge difference Woodward is like the best buds in the state. The prices suck but if ur budget shopping come on, don’t buy the Tesla

  12. last time i checked, i was shopping for weed (a medicine for most of us here), and not a car. weed should be affordable 🥸

  13. MINE DID TOO, same strain and everything 😭 very disappointing. however, I emailed them about it, and received a “one time refund” of $46 or whatever it was that I paid for it. been waiting on the gift card 🥹

  14. i got it. it tastes good, super garlicky, but it feels wrong to smoke green rosin 🥹

  15. They have to be open by some time in Feb* 2023 or lose their license if I recall correctly.

  16. Thank you I just did, I was wondering cuz I've never had anything this consistency other than crumble lol but this is not labeled as such

  17. hopefully they take care of you! sucks that it’s not what it’s advertised as 😭

  18. They really raised prices on a lot of their flower too. They want $160 for 11.32g of smalls on Salty Watermelon and Chem OG. At least they haven't raised prices of their luster pods, yet.

  19. great point, i didn’t even see the flower as i was just looking at concentrates. fingers crossed that they don’t touch the luster pod prices!

  20. they weren’t kidding when they said live sugar, i would pour this into my coffee on accident 😳 that actually blows though 😭

  21. if you go to the firelands dispensary in Huron on 20% off sale days you can get a 2.53 of their rosin for $89-95!!

  22. im sorry this shit happened to you, i would be pissed. now, tell me why i read packarillos like quesadillas.

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