1. so don't get me wrong, the drawings are good but if they were like friends or something, this is just sad

  2. Yep. And btw the person that this is from is someone you saw like once or twice on here

  3. you mean they post on this community showing other peoples stuff like michaelxchris for example?

  4. Who the frick is Fuwa? How did Liz get in a locked room and how does she not know who ennard is? Ennard is the animatronic made of each Funtime and as she possesses C.B she was part of them until she got kicked out so she would know who they are

  5. isn’t pennywise like thousands of years old while Elizabeth is like 8

  6. It's right. Foxy did not killed kid and Fredbear did not killed the kid the boy named Chris Afton.

  7. ... Okay, this kid is unsavable, give me her brain so I can recycle it in my exam

  8. You... Shouldn't do that, the rule forbid it

  9. Say it with me guys: 👏🏼ABUSE👏🏼ISNT👏🏼QUIRKY👏🏼OR👏🏼CUTE👏🏼

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