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  1. I think they are trying to make him the opposite of Derek. There was always tension first with Derek’s position of power than with both their ambition pulling in opposite directions.

  2. i like that about his character, he’s someone she won’t lose. this new season seems like a set up for a whole new story without Meredith, she’s gonna get her happy ending.

  3. Scarring : How you scar and heal is very individualistic. I tend to grow keloids and while I'd like smooth scars, I've come to accept they might always be visible. But, I have a crap load of scars on my body already so I figure, these at least brought some good in with them. I think it's unrealistic to expect no scarring from a surgery.

  4. when her and alex are in bed talking about jo “what have you done with evil spawn” 😂

  5. I dropped Grey's Anatomy in like season 11. And then as soon as I saw this season's promo my first thought was.....I'm sold

  6. Thats because im pretty sure they never said that happened

  7. Izzie did. Alex got the bills cuz Richard said she disappeared and left no forwarding address - Alex even thought there were no bills since they work at the hospital. The only reason he got them was cuz he was her next of kin. She literally shows up the very next episode and talks to Richard about her old teacher who needs some surgery - pretty easy to assume she got them then.

  8. She should just respond with a lawsuit threat for ignoring her DNR

  9. they'll be gone in a season or 2 just like all the other intern classes. In the 18+ years i've watched this show, i've learned never to get too attached.

  10. i believe they are trying to do a restart focusing more on the interns like how the show first was.

  11. I hope they actually put a dedicated effort into establishing these characters but I won't hold my breath

  12. i feel like just by watching the the new trailer that they put a lot of effort into who they casted and their backstories.

  13. honestly i’d choose erica, she went to a prestigious school and was 2nd in her graduating class. she was also nominated for a harper avery.

  14. Accolades mean nothing IMO. Teddy is more composed and can think on her feet. You can be book smart but that only goes so far. Teddys surgical skills are far superior because she has things you can’t teach no matter how prestigious the school.

  15. being second in ur class says a lot, it says a lot about how smart you are and how dedicated you to learning. i think a harper avery nominated surgeon is one id trust with my life. burke(won) Meredith(won), and Cristina all of which nominated for the award. she was on the same level as burke and the same level Cristina would be years later. post operative care isn’t just a surgeon, they save your life, nurses and other doctors are responsible for keeping up with Post op care.

  16. Are you asking? If it's a Sun conure it was pretty young, under 2 years old probably as they still have a lot of green. My sun lost the last of her green around 3ish.

  17. i get pissed off when i smell it while i’m driving, why on earth would you do a drug and then drive a vehicle? it slows ur reaction speed, hope that weed was nice once you’ve gotten in an accident and killed an innocent person or yourself because your reckless. Marijuana affects areas of the brain that control your body's movements, balance, coordination, memory, and judgment.

  18. Izzie n jo so they can fight over Alex hahahah

  19. Sometimes they're just genetically inclined to be a little smaller or grow a little slower. You can try upping the amount you feed them, but keep an eye on their weight.

  20. yah i bet, i think i was 8 or 9 when SS sandy hit and i remember that being really bad. so i just started to wonder how bad a cat 4 would be to the island especially with what’s going on in florida.

  21. I may be totally off but I thought the point was made in the episode that the drs did treat her horribly but as in many storylines the writers never followed up with growth. Imo, there should have 1 or 2 more episodes were the drs treated her properly but alas, no.

  22. yah that may have been the point but like you said they didn’t follow up so it just looked like bullying which sucks on their part.

  23. Do you really want Callie to be cheated on by three spouses?

  24. I didn’t get it then. As the show progressed I kind of understand. But it still seems so out of left field. There’s no real spark between them.

  25. yah just like mer and alex they were always better as friends and seeing them together in that episode was kinda freaky. it was like sibling love freaky.

  26. i have five cats that coexist with my birds, but i will never trust them. when they are in the same room i always watch. i’m pretty sure they are scared of the birds tho 😂

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