1. Ohh, I haven’t thought of that at all. It would make a ton of sense tbh. Thank you!! :)

  2. Hmm, not sure. Where in England? Little House on the Prairie is in the US in the 1800s. There were few people and fewer churches. It makes sense that they shared the same church. Not sure if they would still do that it an established city/town in England where the hierarchy was prominent.

  3. Create a situation where the lower class one can rescue or at least help the higher-class one out. This will create a friendship and conflicts as well. The lower-class should keep telling the higher-class one that he doesn’t owe him anything, and then create a situation where the higher-class one can rescue the lower class one in return. So the lower-class one can say that they’re now even and the higher-class one doesn’t have to be his friend anymore, but instead of drifting apart, they become closer, and now both should trust that their friendship is real, and not out of obligation.

  4. Make the surface of your spaceship like a TV screen and you project the scene on the opposite site of the given surface. So your ship should be invisible from all angles.

  5. I don’t know. I feel bad for the guy at the end. I think the driver broke the guy’s hand.

  6. I’m 40 and I had symptoms of dementia. It turned out I was severely dehydrated, mainly because I never felt thirsty and my body can’t retain water. Now not only I have to make sure I drink 3L a day but I have to add electrolytes to it.

  7. Not to be argumentative, but you are kind of in my camp. Specifically, you said "Always verify". The implication is that the addition of "Trust but" is nonsensical. Better to leave it out.

  8. IMO, trust is important. There are people that it doesn’t matter how much I verify, I wouldn’t rent my house to them. In fact, I would only verify people who I feel I could trust them with my house. Verification is just a formality. Trust is key. Trust is internal. Verification is external, if that makes sense.

  9. Developing a great story is one of the biggest obstacles I have to face in writing. There are multiple structures available like Save the Cat or story circle.

  10. Well, it’s fine to move fast and break things as long as it doesn’t cost over $200 billion to solve a problem that we don’t have. Lol

  11. No. You can tell if the writing is good with the first sentence or the first paragraph. You can tell if the writer knows what he’s doing with the first page, and you can tell if the story is good with the first scene.

  12. Thanks! The speech is actually a speech written by someone else then I'll deliver it in a memorized way. I am scared that the actual delivery might not be as how I practiced it to be.

  13. What is the point of delivering someone else’s speech? That seems pointless. Do you get to work with the writer? If so, try to go over it on your own. Make a list of words that might trip you up. Work with the writer to find a few alternative words. So in the event that you can’t say a word, you can try to say one of the alternatives.

  14. For a novel, once I get an idea I really like, I start with the theme I want to explore, because everything in my story ties into the theme in some way, no matter how vaguely or directly:

  15. The whole outlining process takes between 2 and 3 weeks. I take my time, to make sure I have a complete picture of the book before I begin writing.

  16. I probably started writing it in early September. I had a few of the ideas that went in to it before hand and a pretty basic outline. I'm giving that story some time to breathe right now and will get back to it in January.

  17. Oh? It has “The End.” I thought the story is done? Writing that fast is impressive.

  18. Yeah, The End was pretty much how that story will end. I'm just going to go through and flesh out and reword and go over it with a fresh set of eyes.

  19. I would love it if you would join both. Since you said you pursue feedback and critique circle, can I assume that you have an open mind and don’t get offended over harsh feedback?

  20. Someone told me (or I read somewhere) that your writing is either great, or it is making you great. I put that on a post it on my writing desk and tell it to my students. It sounds like you are a perfectionist. I can revise a paragraph and page for days too. I never have finished a draft. I’m forcing myself to do NaNoWriMo so I can have a shitty first draft, and I am trying so hard to be okay with it being shitty. It’s not easy, don’t give up on yourself.

  21. English and Creative Writing in high school. 😊 It’s great to meet young people who love to write.

  22. Regardless of how well you write, you will need to edit later. Just make sure the story is sound. Everything will be changed or deleted later.

  23. I got back into it by turning a scene from a YouTube video into a story. In fact I didn’t change anything, just put the scene into words.

  24. Oh, like a "novelisation" but just for a scene? That sounds doable and like a fun suggestion, thank you! I'll give that a go and hopefully that'll shake things loose 😊

  25. Yep, novelization. I don’t know if that violates any intellectual property laws, so it’s just for me to practice writing. I have no plan to publish it anywhere.

  26. Your problem is that you don’t have the story down, not that you don’t have the characters down. Focusing more on characters would be the wrong approach. Go and research more on story beats and follow them. Once you master those beats, you can break them if you want, but master the basics first.

  27. I’m confused. You’ve finished written all three books? Each book is 200k long? Or did you finish the first book of the trilogy?

  28. I wrote the first draft of all the books and all together they are more than 200k. I don't know the length of every book.

  29. Yeah I'm trying to figure out the hidden secrets of Amazon publishing, but it's kind of a mess. Thanks for taking a look!

  30. I downloaded the book. I haven’t read much, but your writing is excellent. I love the voice, and the opening paragraph got me hooked.

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