1. If you're capable of doing the work. Just be sure to only do your work. Go fast enough to not need rescue, and slow enough not to do one.

  2. DO you have 100% proof you have paid? There could be late fee's and legal fee's they are trying to collect. You must speak face to face with manager / owner of property. I would not send any money to a Agency or Lawyer only the manager.

  3. Maybe its going for low job skills. You could be too over qualified, my friend was trying and trying to get a nights & weekend job with Lowe's even with big ass NOW HIRING signs. Finally discovered his degree & qualifications was intimidating to the store managers /FFS..... he finally told them face to face I'm not attempting to take your job I need money for a roof & A/C Unit. So that's a possible reason.

  4. A universal income of 1000/ week before taxes. It will end up saving the states money since considerably less people will be on public assistance. It will boost the economy and encourage spending.

  5. Take the key with you every time you leave the drivers seat. If you're in an area known for theft and car jacking, it's best to at least make it difficult for them.

  6. If they have accepted ANY payment between the last eviction notice they gave you and now, they cannot move forward with any eviction. They would have to re-issue a new notice with a corrected amount and evict you off that -- assuming they are actually accepting the payments you have been sending.

  7. I left it closed until the first stop. Kept it open until I was done. That was with the cargo van. With the step van, I always kept the passenger door open. It makes it easier. I'm sure they're gonna put metrics in the doors soon. Engine off compliance was a big issue, and speeding. And seat belts. And distractions. Of the 50 drivers I knew of, at least 40 of them were daily driving with their eyes on their phones. A few serious accidents. Yet i got fired because I asked why they haven't been.

  8. Everytime it rains, at loadout, I would just take fistfuls of those ponchos. Tear them up and they make really good rain shields

  9. Heaviest day was 425 packages, 183 stops, with 278 locations. One stop took nearly 75 packages, with 20 something overflow

  10. You didn't die, you didn't get electrocuted. Executed by electricity. Static shock from the metal parts of the van, all the time. My hair still stands up

  11. If you're in a neighborhood where you're cool with the Bodega people, you can use their shit. Like order and buy a cold sandwich, have them make it hot after

  12. Delivery completion rate. Which as with all of Amazon's metrics, are fucked up. I can go months without getting 1 rescue, returning nothing but damaged packages, if at all. Yet my dcr is always ever so slightly below 100.

  13. That’s basically the attitude I have gotten from DSP managers as well. Where do they find these people?

  14. In my experience, and I've been a manager of many sorts for a few jobs; ... but dsp's especially, as it seems ... damn. All the warehouse staff, and basically everyone who doesn't drive/deliver. They all have attitudes like they think they're better than everyone else.

  15. Ah I missed that part whoops hopefully you can find one that isn't shit

  16. The force causes brain cancer. I feel like robot chicken should've done a bit on that, if they haven't.

  17. I moved here from Brooklyn. Almost 40 years on new York, and that's all I know. I know nothing of new jersey except six flags and acres of space all throughout the state that would more than accommodate affordable housing and potentiality thriving markets. And a few towns that look like they haven't seen a live person in a few decades. But that's everywhere.

  18. Thank you, thank you so much for being mediocre. You're doing your part for society. Thank you.

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