1. He actually gets shot in unleashed too

  2. Everywhere man. Encoding is standardised. Implement encoding for a 24bit 44.1 wav and you basically pick your code off a shelf. If your prof has some info otherwise, I'd like to see it. Just share those sources.

  3. I don’t got sources in my pocket but from what I understood from him Pro Tools’ audio engine was standard in quality audio rendering that every daw made after protools tried to achieve. Ig everything up untill the file being rendered is just technically stuff and not from all daws having some sort of different coding algorithm so I might be wrong about that. I guess I mean the different sound engines of each daw can produce a different mix. It’s all just a matter of efficiency and preference of mix style. In logic there are options on export that aren’t available on other daws like overload control etc. I dont know anything bout coding and I’m a pretty average Audio Engineer at best but I do know that it was a bitch to achieve the mix I wanted in logic and I had to play around with the overload settings before I found A mix I liked. With fl studio it’s like whatever I export is what I’m gonna get, there is no extra settings upon export that will change the dynamics or add/subtract distortion. That to me speaks on the program as a whole bc I look for clarity and transparency in my daw, why in the world would my project file sound different the exported file? And why wouldn’t that be the case in other daws as well if all audio in every daw was coded using the same algorithms

  4. If I remember correctly Vyke also reached or almost reached the forge, but did not want to burn his maiden and decided to look for other ways. This is how he found the three fingers.

  5. There’s no way this is actually fun

  6. Put a blood affinity on uchigatana and/or nagakiba n u got itself a quality bleed build 👌🏾

  7. ? Try to equip the Antiquated Skirt, Friede's robe and use this pose. And you will see this legs. 😐

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