1. Oh yeah, Janet and Chelsea were a duo conjured in hell, most unlikable personalities and faces

  2. Yes it's great if you like to heal, but don't brawl with it. Also suggestions for your hangar put a punisher instead of pin on Raven (with the pilots it's gonna be very fun) and I would replace the Leo don't level it anymore it won't pull weight anymore. The Erebus is also not a brawler it's got low hp and is usually more a ranger with prisma's or bendy bullets. Target players rushing you or nearly at a beacon with the ability. Edit: If you don't have 3 bendy bullets Viper on Erebus is alright for range.

  3. Love the Mender, but it requires shrewd piloting. Seek cover when your ability is recharging, try to follow a Fenrir or titan. Two lights and a medium is low damage output in this power creep meta. I prefer acids or flames for weapons, which attract less attention from reds than burst weapons.

  4. I always get a number of the same pilots but never the pilots that I really need

  5. The Skins are much worse. Pilots can at least help out Bots you already have....but Skins for Bots you don't have are utterly useless. Can't even sell them for gold or credits.

  6. For me though I’ve gotten a lot more pilots than skins, probably about 15 or so free pilots but a lot less paint jobs maybe 3 or 4 max

  7. Probably a bad idea to spend all those gold on the weapons instead of the fifth hangar slot

  8. If you play with friends then the noodle is better, for solo then I really enjoy my murometz

  9. He's probably a low lvl acc, explains all the bots that were won

  10. Bruhhhh, now I want to drop back levels too, all I get are friggin pilots for bots I don’t have 😭

  11. That’s a really good Titian, the superchest I opened got me a friggin Erebus 🙂

  12. I dont know how but i got 4 smutas 2 razdors and 6 Kramolas and i don't use them, all i want is a secon Cryptic Hazard and a unkown decay For my Cryptic Fenrir

  13. AD gaming made an awesome video going on a rant about how shit the event is compared to last month 😂

  14. Wait there’s no lag? And there’s no such thing as tankers too, maybe I’ll try it out

  15. They’re random yeah. A good strat to save gold is for your first few skills you want to try to roll t4 skills that fit your bot. Almost every time you will save more gold than leveling up a low tier skill that you want.

  16. I already have a good damage skill on Victoria, so I should reroll with 50 gold?

  17. Everyone has different advice, but I personally wouldn't reroll a skill that I'd want to keep. It's unlikely to roll an actual desired skill at a higher tier. Not impossible, but unlikely. In my opinion, rerolls are best spent trying to get a desired skill - simply treat a higher tier as a bonus when it happens.

  18. I rerolled about 5 or 6 times and got a t4 skill about extra durability, I’d say it was worth it

  19. Pixonic’s inability to address players complaints and optimize gameplay with bugs and glitches, etc.

  20. Did you take a look at his profile? if so whats his wins or did he have any red trophies below his league?

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