1. these are the exact sounds nice find. The other vocals you can hear is also the preset above the one you played. cool that pharell uses logic and uses stock sounds at times

  2. Now this is what the grammys is meant to nominate. Such a fantastic album all the way

  3. resorting to ableism because you know you're wrong is crazy

  4. How is deji doing push-ups disrespectful to him when he was like emoting the whole time????

  5. Ahh this stuff can be hard man. Thanks for feedback. I’m using the UAD LA2A giving around 3-5 gain reduction and the 1176LN compressor doing a light 1-2 db on the vocals and ssl 4000 channel strip which adds more brightness and presence. I think I have a eq pultec as will to add more brightness on the chorus as well.

  6. Thanks for the advice. For the compression, do I need it for all vocals or certain parts like the chorus or verse cos i use routing folders for the chorus and verse which have some different plugins and settings on it which i find easier than busses. Also when I compress i normally bypass and try keep the output level the same volume as it was before which idk is fine but im gonna turn the ratio up.

  7. how can u listen to something like come my way and not think it's pop rap

  8. Theres no way on earth you think care for me is pop rap too

  9. Bigger twist : she went to the sperm bank next to the IHOP

  10. that’s the joke, you’ve just explained the joke and added nothing. thank u

  11. Are you talking about the how airy it is like almost breathy shiny?

  12. Good recording is the first part of it. It’s just making the takes line up perfectly. Sounds like there’s also some chorusing/ensemble on it and excellent identification and separation of the fundamental frequencies of the harmony.

  13. What do u mean by separating the fundamentals of the harmonies and how do u do that? Also by thin, do u mean he cut the high end out kept the fundamentals?

  14. Hard to say, he worked on the first black panther and they got him in the trailer for the second. I would think that's enough for him in terms of a workload and it was successful enough for him to move on. Then again because they got him in the first one and in the trailer, they could get a track out of him maybe.

  15. What DAW are you using? What synth? Does your friend have the same synth? If you both have the same synth, you're much better off saving it as a preset and sending that to him.

  16. Pro tools and he doesn’t have the plugin so i wanted to send him the one shot

  17. First thing to do is characterize what's wrong with you mix. How is it sounding "not good"? Flat, not wide enough, empty, something else?

  18. It’s fine as long as your computer can handle it. If it can’t, that’s when I’d recommend bouncing groups into stereo tracks.

  19. When you say "tracks" do you mean each individual files or do you mean channels? That kind of matters

  20. Channels. Ima start deleting ones that dont contribute that much to the track

  21. I think it’s a vocoder for the main effect. They’re also reversing the vocal and swelling it up with reverb before each phrase. Hope that helps

  22. Saba in terms of artistry, lyricism, versatility, themes etc however he has his own style and the only thing similar is how perfect his execution is with those things I listed such as Kendrick is. He doesn’t sound like him at all but thats imo

  23. It’s ad not add, add is when you add two things together

  24. Nah your lying. Cole spits on the homeless and wears so much expensive jewellery

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