1. 21 and Kendrick have way too different lyrical content and rapping styles

  2. He literally says his “Presence” and “Conversation” was unmatched so its gotta be an interview

  3. He needs to release these. He’s been using more autotune recently too

  4. Benny and Thought killed it. Everything’s perfect, the beat, bars, flow etc. Couldnt believe Black Thoughts verse when I first heard it

  5. Yo man wassup. Can I send you an updated version with everything re recorded and mixed with your feedback?

  6. Thanks for the advice. For the compression, do I need it for all vocals or certain parts like the chorus or verse cos i use routing folders for the chorus and verse which have some different plugins and settings on it which i find easier than busses. Also when I compress i normally bypass and try keep the output level the same volume as it was before which idk is fine but im gonna turn the ratio up.

  7. True story, was told to watch the house while they were gone

  8. Thats a mockery. They dont sound like ppl u should b with

  9. Don’t worry bout it too much. I listen to big artists and they’ll have a song with some loud ass sibilance. Try not to overdo it and constantly bypass and turn on the de esser during playback (DON’T SOLO) so you can hear the difference in the whole mix. Remember, de-essers arent used to eliminate sibilance, its to tame it

  10. My first reaction was the vocals aren't strong enough. There's not a lot of passion there, and they're not up front enough emotionally. I'd start by trying to get vocal takes with much more force and physical presence, possibly sung much closer to the mic, so the raw sound is more of a bassy growl and there's more groove and feel. Then worry how the rest of the mix sounds around that.

  11. Do u have any tips on making it “stronger”. Im trying to improve vocally and definitely have but theres still progress to be made and didnt know that it stands out that bad

  12. 100% this. A lot of people are talking about the mix without talking about the performance/arrangement. Leaving the instrumental aside, there’s timing issues all over the place with the vocals and the performance is just a bit meh. Feels like the performer is lacking confidence/reading the lyrics from a phone as they perform.

  13. Can u say where theres timing issues cos Im sure that everything’s on beat and what do u think could be done to enhance the vocal performance?

  14. In She Hulk there was that wolverine easter egg. What are the chances that is Hugh’s wolverine from Deadpool 3 and maybe She Hulk take places at similar times since deadpools coming to the MCU

  15. these are the exact sounds nice find. The other vocals you can hear is also the preset above the one you played. cool that pharell uses logic and uses stock sounds at times

  16. Now this is what the grammys is meant to nominate. Such a fantastic album all the way

  17. resorting to ableism because you know you're wrong is crazy

  18. How is deji doing push-ups disrespectful to him when he was like emoting the whole time????

  19. how can u listen to something like come my way and not think it's pop rap

  20. Theres no way on earth you think care for me is pop rap too

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