1. I think Ice is so cute but there's something really uncanny with her styling, this outfit is a perfect example. It's like her team (or does she style herself?) is trying to do this cartoony Bratz girl look all the time, and it just looks like a cosplay I'm sorry 😂

  2. She reminds me of little orphan Annie. I have been holding thought back since I first saw her.😹 she’s super cute though.

  3. Not the same jeans, not the same photo angle or pose and both of their IDs are unconfirmed…what are we looking at here

  4. You can clearly see that these jeans are similar and that the two women are different body types. Please don’t come on my post and say what’s been said. You’re not the only one who pointed any of this. I’m sorry that you are bothered by me choosing the "celebrities " flair instead of "celebrities (unverified)." It was a mistake. I have clarified everything you need to tell me.

  5. The crazy part is that she manages to look so youthful at 37 years old.

  6. Every single one 🎯 Their sense of fashion is incredible, especially the way they combine color and pattern!

  7. They are the reason I wore saddle shoes and own some wingtip shoes. They were a breath of fresh air to me in my early 20s because this was person who dressed the way I wanted to. I love her in patters as well. Absolutely perfect.

  8. I have to disagree here. She looks fine. No you don’t have to stick unstructured silhouettes. Yes it is true that you should honor your Natural first but as a Soft Natural you have a romantic undercurrent which I think she plays up well. I wouldn’t put a Soft Natural in ‘loose, wide and unstructured silhouettes," I put her more draping silhouettes. Structured is fine to me but not around the bust (pic 5), I’d do this more with a pair of pants but only slightly structured. On the boho thing. I don’t think Natural (Flamboyant Natural|Natural|Soft Natural) have to do boho looks. That’s not the only aesthetic they can fit into. Yes, they can have a more laid back style but boho isn’t the end all be all. I think any aesthetic works as long as a person knows what they suit their body and pay attention to what works.

  9. Do a brighter red shirt under your dress.

  10. I’ve seen her in real quite a few times and I was very surprised by how petite she actually is ! I think she’d be lost in SN lines ? I’d say Natural for essence but she looked definitely SG to me.

  11. I was shocked to see she was taller that I am. We look very similar in height (I’m 5’1). People are saying she doesn’t look petite but she does to me. Thanks for the insight. It is very hard as a POC to find your Kibbe type. I’m black but I had to use white women as references too. For a black person my lips are moderate but compared to white women lips we’re considered full lips. Not to mention a lot these references were thin to the bone. Others are old Hollywood. The points Kibbe was making were unclear to me. I took the test again and I still came up with soft Natural. I had to ask family and friends what they saw and I got back some different answers. I asked on the Soft Natural subreddit was I one of them. They were like you have have width but not like soft Natural width.

  12. I don't think you get what gamines are. We are a COMBINATION of opposite (not mixture) and not "all kind", it is always this way : short all over (yin) + angular frame (yang).

  13. I said "gamines of all kinds are a mixture of opposites." Combination and mixture are synonyms. I meant the same thing you said. Anyway, as a gamine (I believe I am pure gamine but since doesn’t exist anymore I’m soft gamine) myself, I have noticed women who at first believed they were Soft Naturals later understand they are Soft Gamines. That’s why I say there’s an overlap. Maybe not the best wording but people do get body types wrong. That’s why I say that I am not sold on Normani being a Soft Gamine and that she may be Soft Natural. Both body types can be short or petite. That’s a yin trait. I am short but I would not say I look petite. I am more blunt as opposed to angular and my torso is elongated while my arms are longer and my legs are shorter. What I described can be true for Soft Gamines and Soft Naturals. I have small wide set eyes like a Natural. I have more natural traits than Dramatic ones not to mention my flesh. I am still a mixture of opposites. Gamines can be a mixture of opposites without looking the same. We will not have the same body. Angularity or bluntness will not manifest the same.

  14. I kinda like it more than the original.

  15. Clearly this is the history Aromantic people. We’re always British colonial powers and I’m pretty we’ve got some remaining Aros is the Igbo tribe today. ✊🏽

  16. They would not be able to fathom how hard would sue them.

  17. I swear some people are just…just…the worst. Over a guy? The only man you can is one that wants to be kept!!! While screaming and terrorizing this girl he’s probably fucking someone else.

  18. I thought she was too and I gave her wavy looking hair and but then I read the prompt and was "oh, that’s snow."

  19. He is definitely a Dramatic. Good looking fella

  20. Can someone explain what that is? I was hoping to buy some winter things before they become out of season but maybe I need to save more.

  21. They usually will have clothing pack with the new season in them. It’s better to by those pack than keep buying for the current season

  22. Thanks for your answer. The new season clothing packs are something you can buy with the in game cash? I’ve only seen the kind that cost real money.

  23. It’s a bandage dress made popular Hervé Legér

  24. As we all should. I might post about her again because she did a really good photoshoot that I think is iconic. Thanx for commenting.

  25. I see contrast (a bit of elongation and petite) so I am definitely thinking some sort of Gamine type is pretty likely for Tupac. Leaning a bit towards Soft Gamine rather than Flamboyant Gamine.

  26. That’s what I was thinking. That he may be Gamin .

  27. I really feel TR is a strong possibility. There was a slight narrowness in his frame and an undeniable sharpness in his facial features, but his overall impression was quite soft in terms of appearance. Soft with a bit of an edge that would make pure R feel just a bit lacking, imo.

  28. I agree. I’m not good at typing guys but Theatrical Romantic make sense. And yes, he does have some of the most beautiful eyes and eyelashes. He has one of the most memorable and beautiful faces. I bet his pictures didn’t do him justice. He was very handsome.

  29. This would look great in a frame in one of the weird art museums.

  30. Wait until they find most of world was already people of color. White people are a minority in the entire world.

  31. No, it doesn’t look weird. You look great. Someone suggested another shoe like nude heels. I’d try a chunky heel platform sandal.

  32. How come I think this could go really wrong considering the country this is going to happen in.

  33. The real Paul McCartney last seen in 1966 middle name was James. 🅱️aul McCartney’s middle name is Waulruson.

  34. Don’t worry. I don’t think clothes have an age limit anymore. If you like this dress go ahead and buy it. If I liked dresses, at 36, I’d wear it. It’s cute.

  35. It’s weird that people think it’s okay to pay teens that little bit of money to work for these corporations and serve customers who many times are abusive. It’s just worker against worker, I guess.

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