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  1. Thank God all the Italian clubs are a bunch of broke boys.

  2. Our team's mentality is something else this season. I doubt it really takes a toll from here. In fact, I think it gives us more hunger for revenge.

  3. This was unthinkable a few years ago. I remember when KT basically was our entire offensive attack. Just goes to show how much Zinny has helped.

  4. You’re right. The change in mentality is astounding.

  5. If the team today shouted at each other and pointed fingers after conceding a goal it would be a sign of how tough they are mentally because arsenal is winning a lot of games these days.

  6. I think Thomas is our most important player but he's kinda playing like shit...

  7. Most important but not because he's our best. Not in our top 3. But most important because of how big the drop is to his backup in the squad.

  8. True. That's why I said most important and not best :P

  9. I was in championship down by .68 with only Chase left to play. My opponent had nobody else left to play. Bummer.

  10. Cop: "ma'am, you're acting like a child". The irony of that statement is infuriating, but not surprising.

  11. Yes can somebody ELI5? This post is the first I’m hearing of this story…

  12. Same here. Also on Series X and mine is freezing each time I try to enter a game. Major bummer.

  13. Keenan will play this week and have a great game against the Chiefs in a SNF shootout.

  14. Welp I know who you have in your lineup. And probably can guess your record too lol

  15. I have Herbie and Keenan yes, but my record is pretty good. I am in a dynasty league so I invested in them years ago.

  16. Seriously, what value does anyone not named Kupp have in this offense? Who gives a shit if he's healthy, does anyone need another underperforming RB on the end of their bench

  17. Technically speaking we don’t know whether Kyren is underperforming since we don’t know what role he will play. Besides just hype from coach speak, the possibility that he could take over the lead role in this offense makes him somewhat exciting to ponder about.

  18. Has any RB had even a mediocre day, once in this offense this year? I see a very low ceiling for this entire offense, not named Kupp

  19. My point was more that, it’s possible, at least not impossible, the lack of RB production is due to the quality of RBs there rather than the team itself.

  20. Win, had to shift him for Tebow in the end but might be happy end of season

  21. This is a certified W for you, since Tebow is a QB/TE. The original Taysom Hill.

  22. They are being allowed to assassinate our players with impunity. But as soon as we touch a Chelsea player, we are penalized.

  23. Cucarella has made like 5 fouls now. He should’ve been sent off after the second one.

  24. OP must be in NYC. Many salads I order from the “fancier” pizza places here come like this.

  25. "Inactive list...WR Rashod Bateman" kind of phrasing is this?

  26. The best case scenario is he’s gonna be a Brian Robinson type of player (a low end RB2)

  27. Idk, technically speaking, I think the "best case scenario" would be that he is a late-season, league-winning RB1...

  28. I love Waller. He will be a great backup on my roster for The Muth.

  29. Did anyone who watched that game yesterday see if he had any issues/setbacks? Did he look okay?

  30. I watched every snap. Keenan only played a handful of snaps, but looked fine to me.

  31. When a rib tears away from the cartilage, the injury is called a costochondral separation. It may result from a blow to the ribs, a fall, or landing hard on your feet. It might even be caused by forceful coughing or sneezing.

  32. Inb4 we learn Tyrod went to med school and joined the Chargers medical staff…

  33. I’m not saying your wrong but he has played against every team. I’m sure he’s played away games in Arizona and California before that they could have gone too.

  34. Maybe they didn’t want to travel to Wisconsin and they, in their advanced age, were wary of rooting for the away side (GB) if he was ever visiting a West Coast team at the risk of dealing with a rowdy home crowd.

  35. What are you doing and instrument free colonoscopy? Because you’re reaching deep on this one.

  36. See I thought saying “Lol I have no idea and it’s not that serious” and “I am just throwing out ideas here”, suggested that I admittedly don’t know what I am talking about.

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