1. It is most definitely possible, thank you so much for suggesting that because I was able to replicate it quite successfully for my own project.

  2. Would you be able to share it? Was just about to post asking if anyone knows the name of the font, managed to find your post just before.

  3. That's hand lettering, but you can create something with a similar feel to it with

  4. I'm not familiar with your field but if the common software packages have an API or some other extension / modding ability I don't see any reason why you wouldn't be able to train a model to do this sort of work.

  5. I use Revit, AutoCAD, Civil 3D & Robot Structural analysis. I’d assume revit would have an extension of sorts based on its popularity amongst designers.

  6. so I have been trying to use the chat in various ways regarding engineering analysis.

  7. Yeah this is where I thought a bottle neck would be, the reports are too complex for it to generate anything with real meaning. I’m sure at some point though the AI will be smart enough to write such information.

  8. I tried a motion blur, but it didn't match the jet. Perhaps this will?

  9. Yeah it tried this earlier, I wanted to try make it so that the outline of the trail is black and the inside is white, so I tried layering the trail but I have no clue what I’m doing so I just kept ruining it 😂

  10. Second, I tried separating the stream from the jet with a corona

  11. Preciate it bossman🫡 some were stock images but majority hand drawn💯 take a look around the shop and see where I’m going with the designs. I just started a few months ago, even if you don’t shop I would love if you spread the word. Support comes in many other ways 🙏🏾.

  12. That being said would find it hard to believe he sold 700,000 pairs as that would be nearly 120 million pounds worth of shoes 🤣

  13. I think it’s all nostra actually


  15. Sounds really nice, really great atmosphere and I love that piano/keys! One criticism I’d give (and this could just be personal preference) but it doesn’t sound like the flute counter melody that comes in doesn’t compliment the keys, which muddies the main chords a bit.

  16. No sorry I’d looked into it but then I had to look inside the rabbit hole if Yupoo, which I’ve never used before and thought I might as well get the real joggers if I want them this bad, because it takes like 2 months for me or something to get them and costs like £100+

  17. It can depend on the colours of the garment. White is usually 100% cotton, sports grey is 90% cotton 10% polyester, then there’s heather grey is like 50% cotton 50% polyester. There could be other reasons but this is what I know.

  18. That’s great how his ring is £270 or something and then you got Ali express selling similar stuff for pennies 😭. I guess the quality isn’t the same, but £270 for a ring is ridiculous.

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