1. I am a gen z. I don't know anyone who watches this shit. They're more absorbed in TikTok or in videogames. We don't watch TV.

  2. Oh, I distinctly remember him saying on an interview that he had come really close to doing it before. I was only surprised because he had a daughter (not that makes people suicide-proof, but it probably stops a decent number of people from following through).

  3. He said if he was going to do it, it would be by his drug of choice, heroin. I personally do not believe he killed himself. He got Epsteined. Google some of the things his girlfriend Asia had to say in tweeter the day he died. She said something like “f…k you all, you know who you are.” Then shortly thereafter it was announced he killed himself with a RED ROPE on the back of a hotel door. JUST like Chris Cornell. Only Chris also had broken ribs and there was blood splatter on the walls.

  4. Haha a moment of clarity in your stupor. Did you go to swan oyster depot?

  5. That’s right!!! It’s Swan Oyster Depot. It’s super old and cool!! The owner was there. And the food was superb

  6. Exactly, Snoo, did the military do questionable tests etc on you? Is it possible you don’t even remember?

  7. I try to react as little as possible, just make it to the next day and spread the word about what's happening as much as I can.

  8. Because prisons are not for criminals. They are for poor criminals.

  9. He could have but then the a serious price would've been paid. None of these people are going to go down for "us". Stop looking up to celebrities and politicians, they are parasites.

  10. Yup….. super heroes don’t exist. In fact, superheroes were just predictive programming. Leading people to question themselves and giving up authority to someone “smarter.”

  11. Lol don't call put that guy who did nothing call out this guy who did nothing. Man you still falling for that right v left

  12. Pay no attention to the other comments. It’s the occult lol. - except they pride themselves in hiding in plain sight. real stuff. Satanic.

  13. It’s in your face for sure. I mean we still come here sometimes. But everytime I am marginally surprised and wonder if other people see what I’m seeing. Same with Marcos Pizza logo. Disgusting 🤮

  14. Breaking: local pizza place headquarters of the eloomunatee


  16. He sorta looks how Satan sees himself. Trump didn’t age well. I wonder. It’s soooooo very curious. What if Trump ends up in a AI body that looks like this, 3 days after a bullet is planted into his head? Idk….. but it is so interesting

  17. Never thought I'd own a pair of UGGs until someone gifted me a pair of their moccasin style slippers.

  18. Miss Anthony…. I was in France and Italy. I spoke to random people. They knew who he was. It’s sooooooo sad.

  19. My mom used to mark time as: BC (before children) and AD (after divorce)

  20. Let’s talk about peons. A day is coming when these minions will have the lowest seat in hell. A part of me feels sorry for any human who bought what the devil was selling. It’s not a mistake one can recover from.

  21. I still see people who are just realizing to this day what the lyrics to "Like a Prayer" means.

  22. Shoot….. I’m embarrassed. What do those lyrics mean? I figured something sexual with a priest I guess. She is disgusting

  23. So repeating the same comment many times does not prove your point.

  24. There's an awful lot on that page. Can you just please quote from the source?

  25. I'm I the only one that thinks history has been tricking us into believing Lucifer is the bad one when actually he wanted to save humanity? The illuminated one, carrier of wisdom?


  27. When I witnessed the eclipse, and I was under heavy cloud cover so I didn’t actually get to see it, but my family and I were outside trying. At one point I suddenly felt like the very personification of Death had manifested over all of us. It was a horrible feeling. Really bad.

  28. “Can’t comprehend gematria to save my life.” Lol 😂. Me either! I’m also ADHD

  29. The one about the stairs and Ivanna, thanks. I never noticed how the top of that building looked

  30. Yeah Casey has been friends with KJ for years. Casey goes way deeper though and doesn’t believe in the right/left paradigm and exposes the deep seated deceptions within it to keep people in bondage

  31. You will be ok. I married two Christians and they weren’t worth the sex I gave either of them. One was a preacher! Abusive … yada

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