1. I keep seeing these. And i keep rolling the dice and getting lucky 😆. Grabbed ghost og, josh d og, orange 43 and apres last week. Other than the ghost og having basically no smell and barely any taste, they were all pretty good. The o43 was amazing! Terps on this batch are out of control! But i really dont want moldy weed! How can i tell?


  3. orange 43 I just got few days ago had a good smell and smoke wise but the results still showed mold. I looked at a few last purchases of klutch and they all show mold.

  4. Last batch of it. Certified is retiring it. Best batch they had of it and it happen to be the last. Go figure. ⛽️

  5. Just kinda tired of the lemons and orange/mango. Does anyone have a strawberry strain they particularly like more than strawberry cough

  6. I’m getting the strawberry cooler batter when Columbia care Monroe opens back up tomorrow

  7. The text they sent yesterday said locally grown but the one they sent earlier didn't state any specific brand.

  8. If you email Klutch asking about freebies they’ll send you a super cool care package. I got a super nice Kiva notebook and pen, bottle opener, magnet, phone card holder, lanyard, a camino enamel pin and a bunch of stickers. It was definitely worth it!

  9. Had no idea they were in Michigan. Hadn’t seen them up there yet.

  10. Pretty sure they are. Ask them on their ig. I do know they have luster pods coming out.

  11. Had them, didn't love them but can't deny they work really well. The icc were pretty nice.

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