1. I think its tiktok issue, because I have same problem, Did same things u do and no videos showing up

  2. they're both great stories but they're different genres so i wouldn't expect it to hit every reader the other one hits. hell, if it were a different author i don't even think there would be any cross between fandoms lol.

  3. I'm sure ARC readers have something to do with it too...

  4. I see a few comments about ARC readers but it seems like people arent pleased they are taking up reviews, I'm confused, isn't that the point of them?

  5. Yeah first person comes naturally to me because it allows me to take on the personality of who i am writing. I usually switch to another character first their POV (in first person), when I either need to:

  6. I approached my writing career as a business from the beginning. I started trying to build a following about 6 months before my first book launched.

  7. 20booksto50k denied my membership because i was a new account and i even wrote the mods to let them know i was trying to establish my FB following and sent them the other socials i was active in and i got ignored.

  8. It really depends who you get. Worth trying again. There's loads of admins and mods. You might have got someone on a bad day. They probably thought you were a bot. Worth a go again just for the knowledge!

  9. im not even into covers like that and I find it to be a very nice cover that would make me pick up the book.

  10. I can say, while I'm not currently having issues with KDP (have one novella published so I have a little experience but not much yet) I did try out Kindle Vella (for serials) a while back and had my very first chapter blocked immediately.

  11. Curious as to if they would flag a description that was posted here? I posted my description for feedback, while I removed my initial posts someone else responded quoting it to fix and thus the description is still "out there"

  12. I wouldn't think a description should be flagged since that's not inside content necessarily, that should be, like, back cover blurb content that's freely available on your cover art (I assume). I've never heard of them going after people for blurbs but also that's how people advertise, by summarizing and creating taglines. I don't think they can make a claim to that kind of content. You need marketing material.

  13. This might not be what you want to hear, but the best promo there is, is writing more books. Having a backlist is often underrated. Add to that a reader magnet as a newsletter builder.

  14. I'm currently struggling with the newsletter aspect. How do you recommend gaining traction on this? I've had a few sign ups but so far primarily family and friends. So I'm hesitant about a newsletter swap because I don't want them to feel I sold out their information.

  15. Most author I know write a novella or short story, which they give to the people who signups. And most of those who do, use Book funnel to do it. They get a lot of signups through there, so you could definitely look into that.

  16. Thank you! I think thats what I'll work on while my editor is working on my first book, I have an idea on short origin stories for my characters. I just wasn't sure if stuff like that was enough to pull people in to read the actual book

  17. I think we may get a CC show once the ACOTAR show is off the ground. Since Bryce went to

  18. i hope im alive to see this all. morbid but i always think that when things im interested in are far from completion 🤣

  19. I too an a Chaol apologist. Well said, I agree with it all and I actually enjoyed TOD because of him.

  20. I usually go with names I like already and then for characters i know I want but need named i try to think of their purpose and find a name that means something similar. I write fantasy though and double meaning for names is fairly common.

  21. Well on their Facebook group they included a post of releases for 2023 and they said “Zodiac Academy 9 (she simmers in the deep sea of the waters we navigate and we are working to wrangle her in the perfect canoe)” Which I’m interpreting as it’ll be another year. Not starting another sister series unless it’s complete that’s for sure. They sure know how to drag things out!

  22. Susanne posted something/a tease on TikTok a few days back that sounds like they're working on a novella right now. They’ve said previously that they were going to do a ZA/RB crossover novella, so probably that. And then hopefully ZA9 after that.

  23. i feel terrible because i always forget about Susanne 💆🏾‍♀️ let me go give her a follow sheesh

  24. I feel like Mor had so much potential as a character and she’s really been sidelined. I’m hoping she gets at least a novella.

  25. i want a novella about their lesbian hangout club what was it called, Rosies? 🤣🤞🏾

  26. ah yes...i would like a novella entirely focused around the social happenings at Ritas

  27. on the reverse side, i've reread ACOTAR 3x now and I skip book one each time besides the first

  28. i agree, tandem read was one of my literary highlights of my life. not to be dramatic

  29. I personally think the book was written to be shown on screen, it very much plays out in your head like a tv show. I agree with other commenters, I'd like to see it on HBOMAX and I think if ACOTAR does well they'll ultimately have a show for all three, which would suck since it's on Hulu. But maybe HBOMax will buy it and it'll transfer over, who knows.

  30. Lol every time I think about book 9 I start stressing. They added a whole new villain this late in the game. So my biggest prediction is that book 9 will not end the series. 🤣🤷🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

  31. Urgh I was so excited for the reunion but now I fear we won't get to see it because they'll be too distraught over Tory & Darcy being gone

  32. i personally wasn't a fan of the first book, will probably read the second at some point. i found kaz to be one of two likeable characters, really enjoyed his chapters and figuring him out. that said he's definitely got some issues but in a morally grey lovable character kind of way

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