1. Well i mean Yujiro literally asked for it.

  2. Well this either means Kefla is as weak as Blue, probably cuz it's a fusion between a legend and just a prodigy,a.k.a a Juggernaut and a Weakling making an unbalanced fusion like Fused Zamasu,or Gohan is as strong as UI Omen.

  3. Do you guys think Kuseno has made a prosthetic penis for Genos?

  4. Omega never seems to turn out like i think it would,but Okubo somehow matched the Fang even if in base and his attacks are unpredictable so Seki shouldn't be able to redirect them as good,but Seki is gonna win cuz this is a lesson of some kind.

  5. I always thought Super Kaio-Ken made more sense for Goku than stupid Ssj3,Ssj3 is literally one of the worst forms.

  6. Was that true though or just All For One being hurtful?I mean it's probably a factor but i thought he picked Bakugo mainly cuz of his rage and frustration wich is so similar to his.

  7. This is why I don’t take /all/ of Vigilantes as Canon. Too many inconsistencies.

  8. It's not up to discussion,Vigilantes is Canon.

  9. It really isn’t tho. SOME things from it are canon, not the entire series. Too many inconsistencies with the main series, too much weirdness.

  10. Mha was always inconsistent but it's still canon.

  11. And it's stupid he lost,how would some rocks break his Armor?

  12. The real question is how zeke got in position and had time to throw a bunch of rocks. Did Reiner give him a 10 second head start to go find ammo and load up from a safe distance?

  13. The asshole probably set up the fight with preparation,i mean he's smart so he probably knows he can't clash with armored titan physically so he set some rules to even the field but it was really just giving him an advantage,i mean if we're real Bertholdt was the one that wanted to rescue Annie but no way was he gonna accept to clash with the Colossal Titan even with Prep Time.

  14. Could be, but I'm not looking for answers like 'the writer made a mistake' or anything like that. I'm looking for a possible lore accurate reason that fits enough to explain it. Not saying you're wrong or that your answer is bad, it's really not. I just like to have headcanons that fill the gaps in the story.

  15. Well when Slayers sword turns red their marks do, maybe he's constantly having the requirements to turn his sword red making his marks red and the pattern well that's probably just an inconsistency to make him the most similar to Yoriichi possible,maybe he should've been able to use Sun Breathing but in the womb Yoriichi syphoned all the strength leaving him as a relatively normal person.

  16. God burning is hot,and is nice to have an attractive MHA Character who's legal.

  17. Well that was a fucking disappointment,i mean i wanted Rihito to win but not by Neg Diffing Koga.

  18. Is there areason you want to see Ssj4 Goku Nipples?

  19. He definitely needs something like Airwalk to keep in the Air with Endeavor and something to withstand his Flames like Tetsutetsu Quirk.

  20. The QAC is safer but the OFA makes you more powerful though thenuser may not withstand his power without proper training to acclimate to the new levels of power.

  21. Idk if that thing is more safer. Do you forget how Wolfram ends like skinny All Might at the end of the movie?

  22. I thought that was cuz he lost the device and was punched by 2 OFA Users.

  23. I have no idea since it's impossible to discern the order.

  24. There i asked if it could be hold 24/7,i didn't mean literally and i feel that's why people voted against it so no it's similar but not the same.

  25. then delete the old one and make a new one again, having two posts which are barely different can be considered spamming.

  26. But that poll had some pull with the votes and i fear the sequel will not :(

  27. Don't you mean "girls or gals"? Also, Control and Conquest are the same devil.

  28. Yeah i didn't say they're different and what's the difference between what i said and girls or gals.

  29. You said "guys". Unless you are asking about the Horsemen being depicted as men in the Bible or something.

  30. I meant humans,they look like regular people for some reason and Makima wasn't even a Fiend and I'm sure nothing about the concept of control and conquest enjoys a Big Titty Red Haired Yellow Eyed woman.

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