1. Irrelevant, but this account is called right wing savages 😂 some 12 year old definitely runs this 😂

  2. More likely that it’s run by adults targeting children, cause yaknow…. They be groomin’.

  3. I don’t mind invasions, but I really dislike the meta-clowns. The ones who troll the update feeds for the most competitive builds that they then take into invasions of people who are just playing the game.

  4. Tbf a lot of invasions end up being against dedicated gankers or people with high level summons. Meta builds give you the best chance of winning those. I lose most of my invasions because I’m trying different things. Not a lot of people are fine with losing all the time

  5. While you’re not wrong that there is nonsense on both sides, that boils down to a moral relativism that doesn’t preclude either side from the responsibility of meta-fuckery.

  6. It is, but the dumber thing is i posted this on

  7. It’s proof that some people don’t actually care about human rights. Anyone rep-ing that belief system only supports people -socially- when it’s a chance to receive praise for a humane stance on a complex issue.

  8. Carry two trap tools and some thunderbugs and nets, then you can just craft two more traps without returning to the camps.

  9. Always nice to see a Matilda bit when I wasn’t expecting it.

  10. It's been too long since I've seen this movie for me to remember. What did Matilda do to his hair?

  11. I think she put hydrogen peroxide in his hair oil as a way to get back at him for being a bad person. Manufactured karma, as it were.

  12. Saw one happen my first year at a ford dealership. It was a Super Duty with a 7.3 turbo. I don’t remember all the details, but I do know that the oil level in the engine was raised by fuel due to some failure - then the oil/fuel mix started getting whipped up into a foam by the crankshaft, the foam filled the crankcase up to the breather hose, went through the breather hose to the air filter box/intake zip tube, which fed the foam right into the intake airstream into the turbo. I believe they had a recall later to separate that breather tube and install an oil separator box or something like that to prevent this from happening.

  13. They’re actually just moving their feet impressively fast.

  14. Reminds me of the precursor race of chicken people from twilight princess.

  15. Yeah, I asked the internet and it said only Java has this feature. I’m on bedrock so I am fire free!

  16. Knockback is a curse on bedrock. Skeletons have x2 the RoF of their Java counterparts and knockback just restores their ranged advantage, so I usually scrap any enchants that have it.

  17. He either wants your attention or for you to get up. One of our cats does this when he wants us to follow him.

  18. I solo’d the game on the first ps4 run. Now I’m doing a pc run with spirit ashes.

  19. Netflix doesn't understand that stopping people from sharing accounts won't encourage people to create new accounts they will just not use Netflix anymore.

  20. I think they believe the increased revenue from new accounts and ads will more than offset any losses.

  21. Not anymore. Wish that was the case. Avg is now 31,025, but there are starting to drop like a rock.

  22. I also think a lot fewer people played Elden Ring totally blind relative to what this sub thinks or prior FS games.

  23. Plus with the estus recovery mechanic they introduced this go’round magic/intel builds are more viable than ever, and ranni’s questline goes hand in hand with those builds.

  24. First of all, I'm really happy with my gf, thank you very much. Maybe if you treated women like normal people who can be good or bad, instead of putting them on a pedestal like beings that can never be wrong, you would actually get laid for once, you fat virgin. Go back to simping over random women on the internet, maybe it will get you laid eventually, you loser

  25. Lol, there’s that rage. Congrats on the gf though, genuinely happy for you.

  26. Bro, you can act all mighty and mature all you want. We both know if this situation had played exactly the same but with the genders reversed, you would be saying the guy is an asshole for insulting a poor innocent girl randomly. Oh but because the woman is the one insulting the kid, he must have done something to provoke. No no, women could never just randomly snap against innocent bystanders. You are hypocrite, a simp and a fucking loser. And I'm not saying you are simping for this girl in particular, I'm saying you are such a simp than in your head women in general are incapable of doing anything wrong or being aggressive. Therefore you make up this shitty excuses with no proof or basis to justify it.

  27. Lol, you’ve got so much weird angst and hate for women. Get help friend, it’s not healthy. You’re seeing people say a dude is wrong and jumping to the idea that AALLLL women are over protected and all men are demonized unjustly. You’re drawing weird conclusions from unrelated situations that you are unhappy about so you can justify your strange complex and snapping at people for having the audacity to say something about a hyper-specific incident.

  28. Hilariously, that would have prevented exactly this scenario.

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