1. They're sociopaths. They can't empathize with other people. They only think of themselves.

  2. That's exactly why serial killers target prostitutes, too.

  3. Hey, remember that story about the 10 year old that had to cross state lines to get an abortion? That child was in 4th or 5th grade.

  4. Always got to be one outlier that proves we have to tell 7 year olds about man-on-man intercourse, right?

  5. Sexual identity goes beyond just sex though. Attraction, crushes, girls start going through puberty between grades 4 to 6. Not to mention the psychological changes.

  6. This is about gay sex ed, not regular sex ed. Explaining pregnancy and STDs is one thing, but advanced subjects should be kept until the kids are more into puberty.

  7. They want rape slaves. Total domination. They see a woman they want, they think they should be allowed to take her, rape her, and kill her. No consequences.

  8. Isn't it great to have such a convenient, though completely stupid, excuse for being a lazy bum?

  9. Because with a prostitute, she's in control. With rape, they get to terrorize and harm another human being to stroke their psycho egos. That's what they really want.

  10. So if a woman says no to sex, the man has the right to kill her with rocks?

  11. So it must be outlawed or some incel terrorist will try to scald us? And then we beat the snot out of him. So maybe he should think of his own safety.

  12. I remember reading that Pennsylvania was a nationwide leader in the number of Bigfoot sightings.

  13. Look at a sat view of the State. All that mountainous forest land. Wide variety of prey animals and forage crops. Prime habitat.

  14. He left out "No woman wants to touch my penis!!!! Waaaaaah!!!!"

  15. We don't say incels are due to genetics. We say they're due to massively screwed-up egos.

  16. It is an inclusive community. They all hate each other equally.

  17. When your victimhood is that phony that you have to invent scenarios to be persecuted in.

  18. "If I can't have that one girl that I never talk to, just stare at creepily every chance I get, it's over, so over!"

  19. If his friend was as toxic as he, I do hope the woman involved is safe. That toxicity is not gonna just switch itself off with the first kiss.

  20. Why can't he just admit he's scared of women and get over it?

  21. Yet most "ugly" men get wives and families. May have something to do with not being whiny little bitches trying to pity the world into submission. Can't just fuck up your life by never getting off your arse and then blame it all on Chad, ya know.

  22. Calm, man, calm. Don't let them get to you.

  23. And when she notices he never has a girl around, she'll think he wears them. Can't wait to see those posts.

  24. I don't know if you're old enough to understand this, but war between NATO and Russia is suicide for the planet. Nuclear Armageddon. A war no one wins. Everyone loses. Everyone dies.

  25. Even though we're engaging in a proxy war with Russia, we're not actually at war with Russia, so therefore "treason" doesn't apply.

  26. Fishing for pity-sex in the comments section of a Jerry Springer vid?

  27. 7 billion people in the world and bro worried about the 5 girls who don't like him back😂😂

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