1. Gpurp was super tasty every time I've had it.

  2. Could be having issues with their facility. Poor airflow and high RH in a room can spell doom for a crop.

  3. I got the sunshine rso from verano the other day. Can also confirm the syringe is much easier to dose with. The effects are stellar though.

  4. The smell is so distinct. Wouldn't be too difficult to blindly differentiate it from a good chunk of what the program has to offer based on aroma alone.

  5. I like your animal's face. Animal face looks good too.

  6. Looks pretty. Purple punch genetics are always welcome in my hood.

  7. Grabbed their electric peanut butter cookies today. Super tasty.

  8. Cheesy, funky, earthy, hint of sweetness. At least that's from what my nose tells me.

  9. It's hard to bounce back after finding a big ol' bug in a nug, but I believe problems like that can and should be solved. Their Durban poison wasn't too shabby, but I wasn't a fan of their zero g.

  10. The Mimosa that I grabbed was a really tasty batch. I would say I enjoyed it. Kinda similar terp profile to their sonny g, but a little funkier. The terps on the mag landrace I saw on here made it sound extremely tasty despite being around 19 percent. Certified's dirty little secret is absolute gas though..

  11. Koko was pretty good when I tried it, wasn't disappointed. Pretty high in caryophyllene iirc.

  12. Rick Simpson oil. It's very potent, so a little bit goes a long way. Verano has some really good rso as well. I'd recommend their sonny G or their wedding cake.

  13. He can rebrand all he wants he’ll always be Dogman to us

  14. The name Dogman was S tier. Shame.

  15. Have you considered running the [[mirran spy]] [[banishing knack]] combo since you already run a [[darksteel relic]]? Cast knack targeting spy with any 0 drop artifact on field or in hand. Assuming its not sick or has haste, you would target your artifact with the spy's activated ability, bounce your 0 drop to hand. Looping this could give you an infinite storm count and with kykar on the field, infinite spirits. You can also do this type of loop with [[jeskai ascendancy]] and any other creature you have on field (ideally kykar). You can finish games out with something like [[impact tremors]] or [[altar of the brood]] if your opponents aren't running a shuffle titan in their libraries.

  16. During season 1, I remember watching an IDDQD stream and he was asked by chat which player he thought had the most potential. He answered Decay.

  17. NYXL strut into the arena. They're confident. They know that it's not going to be close.

  18. Tonight, Jjonak checks underneath his bed.

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