1. Where did you hear about alien labs? I asked Ted on his q&a on insta yesterday but never got a response

  2. similar story for me. very heavy user, 20mg, no side effects. I sleep fuckin great. it does take 2 weeks ish for Lexapro to start working kinda.

  3. Nevermind, thank you. I found it under the Best Sellers category.

  4. for sure. glad you did. the core 2.0 is awesome, get a matrix perc or recycler top for it.

  5. what you think? I've had probably 4 to 5 different batches, 1 being stellar, 1 just good and the rest were actual trash.

  6. Is why I keep telling people to stop buying Aeriz. I’m sure I’ll get all the fuckin downvotes but I don’t care.

  7. i was in the same boat, but since probably around march or may this year, the concentrates have been really good. they are growing so many strains of flower, those can still be hit or miss.

  8. Yeah I mean I think everyone thought prices would go down quicker than they have in IL. It’s pretty mind blowing top shelf 8ths are still priced at 65. I’m just trying to be optimistic. I think the Chicago market benefits from having Michigan close by.

  9. yeah hoping neighboring states will lower prices. but 60 is tip top shelf for 8ths almost in any market. but those markets have cheaper options as well. Michigan and Washington has 60 top shelf 8ths. but also good ones at 35 40

  10. Green Rose has a hilarious line up of owners/consultants.

  11. yeah was wondering how long it would be till someone noticed it's owned by a former cop.

  12. Nothing better than paying the guys that used to lock us up and steal our shit.

  13. for real. they should have to personally expunge all the people they arrested or put in jail for cannabis before being able to get into the business.

  14. Oh yeah, a little Red Headed Stranger from Rev, got some Aeriz Grape Pie on the tray as well. 🤝🏾 stay stoney

  15. That's great news, seems like there's a rosin race happening now. Got Rev and Cresco/Floracal on the scene with a little NuEra sprinkled in. Verano teased at some rosin but who wants that lol and now Aeriz?! Hopefully that drives the price down

  16. for sure! saw the Verano post but no thanks. yeah seems prices are starting to drop, although super slowly. with more stores and cultivators it's got to. Rev dropped their prices a few dollars. basically the rosin should be priced like the BHO and the BHO needs to cut in half.

  17. Yo, we gotta stop suggesting this stuff. I don't want the best weed in the state to sell out.

  18. I think many other brands are as well. these craft grows are assumably partnering with them to get up and running.

  19. Is it any good, though? I bought some from Colorado recently at those prices and it was absolute dog shit, drier than my Grandma's butthole and she died 10 years ago

  20. I got an 80 oz of duct tape by grown rogue (grown by viola actually) last week in mi. it's comparable to most 60 eighths in IL. better than all of the budget buds. better than I thought it would be.

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