1. Put them about 12h in a glass of water in a dark Spot after the 12h you Tage 2 plates and a tower meisten it 2x a Day and waiting 2-7 days should work 100%

  2. What is the worst that will come from this much plucking if it is a photo period?

  3. Thank you. Is the brown on the stems normal? Other plant does not have that

  4. I had a grandaddy purp plant do this. It can still be saved! Be very carful, and flip it. My plant turned out to be a very happy girl in the long run

  5. It’s worse then just marketing: purple weed has a lower thc content then green weed because every bit of energy that goes into making anthocyanin is another bit of energy not going into making cannabinoids or terpenes.

  6. Hey man thank you 4 your answer. But keep in mind some people have grown a lot of good quality weed and maybe they want to try 1 strain for the esthetics of a different colour plant.

  7. Yeah was thinking of upgrading, do u think 200-250wAtts should do it ? 80x80 tent

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