1. Entering the "fuck you I won't do what you tell me" stage of childhood

  2. Know your audience. My closest friends I can say just about anything to, but if this is a new friend maybe ease into the domestic violence jokes.

  3. I have fond memories of locals at a Chicago bar finding out I was visiting, and promptly force-feeding me Malort until I couldn't feel feelings.

  4. Balloon? Never met him. Don't know any Balloon.

  5. I'm not American, but when Trump was president, the news/media kept talking about it until i thought that the wall was almost done but Biden was elected and they stopped working on it, so that all was a lie.....?

  6. They got a few hundred miles done out of two thousand, nowhere near done and most of it was where there were already existing barriers.

  7. Oooof you know it's bad when Chris Christie thinks you're a dick.

  8. The amount I care is so much smaller than the amount of non-meme Reddit posts about it

  9. We really should have learned not to let pop or country singers do the anthem by now. There are limited exceptions, but they can't fucking sing.

  10. I must have missed the eclipse caused by the balloon a billion times smaller than the sun.

  11. It's so enjoyable to watch you guys try so hard to make something out of nothing.

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