1. Peds more likely especially with their unbelievable ability to return quickly from serious injuries. Like them gaa boys aren't flying across the world to see top doctors and surgeons but are recovering faster than Premier league footballers

  2. Mad that this is how far we've come to find affordable accommodation. Fairplay anyway op.

  3. Can I suggest camlough. Its basically the outskirts of newry and you could walk to the train station

  4. Young MLA called off their wedding last minute, quit politics and moved down under and has since come out of the closet

  5. Just out of interest, is it people with little to be at ? Or are they doing it on purpose ?

  6. Either means that top cops haven't a clue what is happening under their noses, or that there is direct involvement to paint a picture before brushes are handed out.

  7. Reeks of the special branch ruc days. Try and pin it on a catholic ASAP, fuck the evidence

  8. Yup personally know a gaa up north. Was big into property and had an estate agents. Went bankrupt, lost his house and now has a bigger house. He never attempted to pay back what he originally borrowed for the first house so I'd say the difference between what it was sold for vs the load n was covered by the taxpayer bailout

  9. Was wondering how long this would take! Use mental health as a get out of jail free card, and "attempt suicide". Probably only just held his breath for 3 minutes, the cunt.

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