1. They're called Religions of The Book, they could be seen as a trilogy 1st Old Testament: "Hebrew Wars"(Judaism), 2: New Testament "Return of the Messiah" (Christianism), 3: Quran "Revenge of the Prophet" (Islam).

  2. Aaaaand THATS the turnaround my day needed. Best and most honestly helpful comment I have ever fucking seen. Beer's on me, mate.

  3. I tried to ignore the question, scrolled down through titties, came back up to this because hell maybe you are serious, and I'm an old h.r. rep, so let's share experience: No, it is not rude to not say goodbye to every person you pass when you leave work. I could be WAY wrong here, but I think your expectation of coworkers to be as friendly or communicative as you is the issue. Other humans that happen to work in your general area have zero obligation to say anything to you for any reason, let alone when they are done working and want to get the hell out of there. Don't take it personal. If you DO take it personal, don't bring it to h.r. unless you want to see them laugh

  4. Wow.. as both a fish fossil and painting enthusiast, I say well done indeed! Excellent details

  5. Can't think of an appropriate set of adjectives, mate. Magnanimous, epic, triumphant? If it's not a commission, that might be a money maker. Cheers

  6. Sweet merciful alcohol I read this fucking thing 5 times before the universe threw me the obligatory forehead slap 😂😂

  7. Nudibranch! No clue what species nor if it's presence is problematic to your tank, but I've had a few hitch-hike into my system and left them, I think they add some very real biodiversity. Gl with id

  8. Looks almost like a plate coral, but that doesn't make sense if it's encrusting.. got me, my dude. Gl

  9. Suuuuper cool, I hadn't seen this done before! Thanks for sharing and keep it up, very pleasing to look at

  10. 1000 years of progress Indeed! Love it, happy Friday you magnificent stallion of excellence.

  11. I mean.. this is incredible. Playing with and recreating light from fire is so difficult for me, but you... You're a witch. This is epic. Very well done and thank you for sharing

  12. Idk but this pic is pretty great. I've been out of the hobby too long, watching hermits was always fun for me. I'm no expert on species tho, I'm sure somebody will get ya the right answer


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