1. I'm new to the thread! Nice kei truck!!! Now that you've had it for a few weeks, is there anything about the truck that you don't like?

  2. My wife and I decided that this was a decision for him to make in the future. So we didn't do it, currently he is 11 weeks old and we don't regret anything.

  3. Which Dobinson lift do you have? And how is the ride quality vs the stock?

  4. good eye, I have a 2"-2.5" dobs lift , stock ride feels the best for sure, but for my goal since the beginning was to shove 35s down there. yes there will be some trimming, ill update this weekend. The tires should be here by Sat, As for the ride it feels like driving a truck moreso than driving the lx I did know.

  5. I'll stick to my classic Scooby-Doo cartoons. When it was all about catching the culprit and Scooby snacks. Never seen this new show nor do I plan on giving it time.

  6. Louise: will be the new leader of the one eyed snakes Tina: will be the new Mr frond as the guidance counselor. Gene: will work side by side with Bob, "Bob n sons burger" making more elaborate burgers with clever names

  7. I'm in the same boat I have a 2002 lx470 with 234k miles on her, but I'm opting for the lift kit 3", she's going under the wrench on Friday.. my thought process was f*** it, it's a 2002 and I like to ride high. I'll eventually share some before and after pictures on this thread.

  8. Just a heads up, when my 1998 LC100 AHC let go, I took it to a specialist and was told 2" lift was max without having to drop other parts of the drive train, something to do with angles on joints. Happy with the 2" lift, got rid of my side steps and ut sure looks high enough.

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