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  1. Because America is one of, if not the most, sexually progressive countries in the world. Not every country lets you fly a pride flag, let alone be gay. Some countries still mass murder homosexuals. Not in America though. Every time I see a pride flag I always think of our country’s great civil liberties.

  2. So you can see how someone would feel more comfortable with a pride flag being flown out front than an American one.

  3. How does rainbow virtue signaling make you comfortable

  4. Easy, rainbows are cool af. International sign of happiness. Unlike a MAGA flag which is the international sign of ignorance lol

  5. I honestly think it will be interesting. Especially if Biden actually goes through with trying to take “assault rifles”. Who would come collect them? Will the police finally diverge and not accept the orders? Or will they go along and accept for the paycheck? Southern states will try and hold out but with the threat of no federal funds until . . .

  6. Submission Statement: some might call this oversimplification but it is true almost 100%. Also, kind of like Andrew Tate recently said on an Islamic podcast, TPTB want moral decay to turn people into pleasure driven animals who blindly follow all their rules. This is why they also hate intellectuals who question their narrative.

  7. The man who smokes cigars and drinks is worried abt the moral decay? The man who smokes and drinks was on an Islamic podcast talking abt moral decay? Let’s think abt this…why would you listen to somebody who is morally decayed???

  8. Def not a fan of just diamonds. Makes me feel too druggie and never gives me a long high.

  9. That’s odd? The high of strong diamonds give me an extremely long and potent high.

  10. Attention! Trolls, Shills and Paid Agents.

  11. I heard Mitch McConnell recommend a good lawyer for him, ya know since their friends.

  12. I’m not even on Twitter and I’m fucking tired of this dunce. The more I see him the less I want to be involved with his products.

  13. Idu how somebody can defend a person who loves their steaks fully cooked with ketchup.

  14. The more things I keep seeing, I really think some boot accidentally set some missiles off, and this is the best thing they can do to deescalate lol

  15. Desantis is a considered a moderate? Biden is a moderate Republican. Mitch McConnell is a normal Republican and Trump/ DeSanctimonious are MAGAs.

  16. I'm also from Virginia Beach and I'm gonna let you in on a little secret. The rosin is so hit or miss (mostly miss) and so outrageously expensive that you will get better quality and cheaper rosin if you were to buy a press and press the flower from the dispensary. The rosin press will literally pay for itself in a month or less depending on how much you smoke. For example I just bought a quarter of gmo flower for $70 there and got almost 2 grams of some good and fresh rosin.

  17. he refuses that I'm present in his sessions. we tried couples counseling but he quit after a few sessions.

  18. Could y’all try a family type therapy? See if he’ll go for a better relationship with your daughter?

  19. I don’t know what ppl think they gonna get naming a child Chester. You’re asking for a little shit.

  20. Boo! I want less government. The government has no business being involved in affairs of private citizens and appointments they set with their healthcare professionals.

  21. I don't know, but maybe the military should count votes? Currently, the system seems to be broken with Democrats only counting votes?

  22. Just because ppl are in the military doesn’t mean they’re anymore trustworthy. Shit humans are in every occupation.

  23. Depends on what you’re trying to do. But there are plenty of jobs out there on the fringes of society that could care less abt what discharge you have. No one knows unless you show them your DD-214 too. It’s not the end all be all.

  24. Because I like to imagine everything going infinity smaller and infinity bigger

  25. I’ve used ancestry. com to see how far I can get back and after a certain point in generations it just stops and says enslaved persons

  26. It’s cheaper in the south. Cost of living is lower than alot of other places. Northerners have been moving to the south for years. Not to mention vacation homes are cheaper. Then you have ppl who come just for the winter months.

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