1. Yashica cy mount cameras are super bright easy to see and well made

  2. oh cool! btw would you happen to know why is "roll with the punches" 2 different songs? :D

  3. It’s not, that’s a mistake on Spotify.

  4. Haha that's somewhat of a relief, only way to find out now is testing it out on the field.

  5. I shot a few out there... most of the photos are blur. AF misses focus, but tbh nothing is really sharp on 90% of the photos, except if the object is closer than 5m. Anyway, I talked to the Fuji service center, they said it's most likely the lens' OIS problem. Will bring it to them next week

  6. Darn sorry to hear you got a lemon. Would love a follow up once you definitively figure out the source of problem in case my lens for some reason craps out. Thanks for sharing.

  7. My plan is to shoot it, stand develop, scan, and then see what kind of images I get. Someone also recommended

  8. actually please do share that! Not many people is trying it... maybe you could try BW, C-41, E-6 and see what happens

  9. Don't listen to the voters. OTP is expensive and shit. Anything else is better.

  10. I'm curious all of those saying that OTP is expensive.. .what exactly is expensive? That 340 Ft monthly fee? or the 120 Ft otp direct fee? Like sure, free is the cheapest, but then I don't have to travel to find ATM's... that saves me time. Besides most of the people have OTP accounts, so then transferring to people is the cheapest having an OTP account... so I don't get it... what do you mean by expensive?

  11. Go for it then, but you will be surprised with a lot of hidden fees.

  12. I have an OTP account for the past 18 years, and never met those hidden fees. Can you show me your example?

  13. Sok sikert egyébként és elnézést a cinikus kommentért. Sajnos nem alakult ki túl jó kép a fejemben a boltos autókról forgalomban, de volt már kellemes élményem is velük utasként.

  14. Tabletet kapsz főtaxinál és egy idő után simán belerázódsz. Kollegák meg hatalmas arcok és rádiód is lesz, plusz a tájékozódásod idővel fejlődik. Főtaxinak kulturáltabb az utasközönsége ami szvsz nagy plusz.

  15. na ez jól hangzik, köszi szépen! Autót is adnak a Főtaxinál? Vagy lehet bérelni tőlük? Saját autóm nem alkalmas hivatalosan taxizásra

  16. What this photo tells me is that you are gay, probably live with your mom, and still use a smartphone bought in 2010 cause you can't afford one (while stating that you don't _neeeed_ a newer one)... and you _need_ a date, for a specific date, for a specific reason. With all these, I can't imagine any niche that would swipe you right... like not even the 70 years old kinky grandpa

  17. Hey, how did you mount this? I have the 50-2 and an xt-30. this is a gorgeous image

  18. you can buy the cheapest M42-FX adaptor (Vitrox, K&F or any noname is fine)... then you need to set in your camera to shoot without lens

  19. People always ask why Fuji doesn't make "X" lens and the answer is always very simple. There isn't a big enough market to justify the cost of R&D/producing that lens.

  20. good for you... now you saved a lot of time, effort and money to be wasted away on the wrong person

  21. If it's the 60s version, then 100% it's not even E-4, Anscochrome had their own process based on Agfacolor Neu.

  22. the only thing I found about it somewhere that around 1972, they switched to C-41... but not sure if it was the GAF 500, or other Ansco film... either way, would be interesting to shoot and see what happens

  23. Well, they stopped making it in the 70s. The odds of you finding properly stored anscochrome and then getting it properly developed are basically nonexistent as people they really know what they are doing have tried and failed even when they get their hands on it.

  24. Szerintem ez ilyen 2000-es évek elejéről visszamardt szokás, hogy kereskedelmi kémkedésre használod majd a felvételt, és a konkurensnek kiárusítod az árlistát...

  25. Genuinely it handles all “reasonable” ways shooting and developing you’d think to have a go at. I’ve tried it at 1000, 1250, 1600, and 3200 for different types of shoots and to not have to spend 14:30 babying it while developing. All of them scan and print well. I’m more partial to it in 120 and pray every day that Ilford blesses us with sheet film. Yes, pushing HP5+ is possible and popular (for good reason) but in situations where I actually need high speed film I’d rather rely on something pushed a little under or over one stop from nominal iso rather than two or three.

  26. oh, it's not available in 120 format around you? I only have 35mm camera, but I can see it in 120 format in the same webshop

  27. I've had better results at ISO 1600 (or even 1000 or 800). ISO 1600 and ISO 1000 are usually fine for concert photography but it obviously depends on how the stage is lit.

  28. yeah, I don't know that yet. It will be a piano night in a bar, so it might be very dim

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