1. Ocean Pearl has a pretty good buffet for 600 (inclusive of taxes)

  2. If you use the coupon "sale10" instead, you get a Hyundai i10 free.

  3. Dude on the bottom left looks like a fucking tranny.

  4. Vivek Agnihotri tweeted that 5 Indian movies got "shortlisted" for the Oscars. This information is completely incorrect. Firstly it's 8 Indian movies (not 5) and secondly none of them have even been 'shortlisted' as yet, let alone nominated. 8 Indian movies have been found 'eligible' to be entered into the Oscar pool for shortlisting among hundreds of other movies. After this stage, out of these hundreds of movies, the academy will then 'shortlist' tens of movies. It is out of these shortlisted movies that the handful nominations will be finally picked out.

  5. This isn't Indian for sure. Most likely Pakistani.

  6. I simply don't understand why people should care if two independent adults who have got nothing to do with you, love each other and consent to marrying each other regardless of gender? How is your life being affected? Let them live their lives.

  7. This is altered version of famous story of Vinayakachaviti. Instead of golden mango it is contest for "Ghanadipatyam" or leader of ganas. The race is to bath in all sacred rivers on earth.

  8. I found the source actually. Even the story you said seems to be an altered regional variant, just like the story I narrated is a regional variant to South India. The original source story for this comes from the Shiva Purana (Source: Shiva Purana - Section 2: Rudra-saṃhitā - Part (4): Kumāra-khaṇḍa - Chapter 19) and the story is about Ganesha's marriage. The race was around the earth between Ganesha and Skanda, and the winner would be the one to marry first. That's when Ganesha circumambulates his parents as a wise loophole to win the challenge. It seems like this story has been adapted by different regions and altered to fit slightly different narratives. But this is the original source.

  9. Shetty Anna, nobody is boycotting you. But if you're subliminally defending your next generation nepo babies, then please save it. We're sure as hell boycotting their third grade acting shows.

  10. Beach house for 2-3K per night is not happening my man. You'll have to multiply that budget by atleast 5-10 times to book a beach house. Sorry. Beach Houses in Mangalore can range anywhere from 15K to 50K per night depending on how basic or posh it is. No beach houses available under 10K, that's for sure. One option you do have however, is booking a beachside room at Sai Radha Heritage Beach Resort at Kaup which you'll get for around 4.5-5K per night. You'll get a beautiful air-conditioned cottage located bang on the beach. However, they're about 30 minutes away from Mangalore city (so only worth it if you have your own transport) and are almost always fully booked so you'll have to call them quick.

  11. Krishnakumar Kunnath (K K) 💔🇮🇳

  12. Why didn't you post a picture of the Chicken Tikka Masala you made?

  13. Indian Taco Bell is shit. Have tried Taco Bell in multiple outlets in Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi. Haven't tried the Mangalore outlet as yet, but I always find Taco Bell pretty crap. I love well made Mexican Food, so it's not like I dislike Mexican food. Just that Taco Bell is bad.

  14. Replace Katrina with Deepika. Katrina can't act for shit. Her accent sounds fake af too. She only became popular because many people find her hot (I don't) and also because she had Selmon pushing her to the top.

  15. Oh you don’t find her hot? She must be devastated

  16. That was your takeaway from the whole comment? Lol. Quite the smart cookie aren't you?

  17. All I want for Christmas is the same thing you have.

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