1. Why would you collect emails? For a newsletter? Then yes, you should have a landing page and a newsletter.

  2. How can I create both if I have no programming skills?

  3. Did you know... Facebook owns Instagram....

  4. Did you know that we live on planet earth? Of course I do, my friend

  5. If you started, it means your doing a good job. Even this post grabbed my attention.

  6. What courses, books, people do you recommend to acquire knowledge about digital marketing?

  7. What courses have you taken and which ones would you recommend to take?

  8. What’s your personal brand? Like what’s your niche?

  9. That's the thing, I used to post memes, things out of context aimed at a young audience but now, I create content for IG with the purpose of teaching brands how to grow exponentially on IG through content marketing, because that's what I do branding on social media.

  10. You can try lifting up your current account. The more you tweet, the more traction your content will get over time.

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