1. There are locker rooms downstairs. If you go in the main entrance, make a hard left and go to the basement

  2. Sadly I just receive their email that there is some conflict with the booking of Penn tennis center so they suspend pickleball activities for now until further notice. If you know any other place in the city to play, I'm down

  3. That's good to know. Yeah Im just an intern anw. I guess I'm getting a little paranoid reading too much blind and reddit lol

  4. I think everything's closed for today too, you have to wait until Monday.

  5. It’s interesting you say that about 520 521. I’ve found that it’s been pretty chill this semester and the homeworks at the beginning are tough but get much simpler as the semester moves on

  6. Yeah agree with you that the workload decreases towards the end of the semester. I guess it also depends on each student’s background 🥲

  7. I totally want to apologize. I was confusing 520 with 521

  8. Lol that’s ok, I haven’t taken 521 but that’s also good to know 521 is less heavy

  9. CIS555 is hardcore distributed systems which requires a good deal of experience. CIS545 is more of data sciency stuff and playing around with python and pandas. Based on your background and experience choose wisely. You will cry and have late nights for CIS555, but the learning experience is also high. CIS545 is a lot easier and is geared more towards non CS majors

  10. Great response. Btw how much java do I need for 555. If I dont know much, can I pick up along the course?

  11. It is quite a tough question to answer as we dont know what is inside companies’ hiring process, but I think being an intl student should not be an obstacle. I am on the boat, also an intl 1st year masters student. For me I have applied about 150 positions, got about 40 cv rejections, about 20 oas, prob 6 interviews and no offers so far haha. I guess we can just keep applying and hope for the best

  12. Around what time did you start applying? Some of my OAs were pretty good for like SIG, GapTech but never received an interview call..

  13. Not adding any company but do you know for Google, if the job is for winter 2022, then which period is that? Is it beginning of 2022 or end of 2022 ?

  14. Many of the main contributors are students so I guess it is school year and they are just busy, probably more update during weekends

  15. Robinhood resume rejects before codesignal, eBay takes good amount of time to send codesignal after application so pretty sure they do too

  16. Is this for intern position? And what is Twitter academy as I received a hackerrank instead?

  17. Copy/paste the text of the link into your web browser. The actual link has https written twice causing an error.

  18. I actually did that and went to the site. But then when I clicked on the ‘Apply for this job’ button, there is a warning ‘Something went wrong with applying. Please try again’

  19. I had issues on Safari but then used chrome without ad-blocker and it worked.

  20. Ah that could be a solution also. I myself go to igcognito and then can start seeing the form

  21. So you need to demonstrate a need for a SSN. So like you need to get a job or a TA position or off campus for hardship or an internship. Then use that to get ISSS to issue the letter saying you gots to have the number.

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