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  1. Screw amen! Can we get a STL?

  2. dude you have the best parents in the world love them and hug them every day while you still have them ma of fact if u read this go tell ur parent how appreciative you are for them both.

  3. First woman was anti-war and was arrested for holding up a sign that said "Two Words".

  4. Model looks like Grimace from McD's

  5. I've been wondering about that, why do you do that? Less supports needed?

  6. With my victorinox I tend to only use the knife flat head and Phillips I sometimes use the pliers so I thought it would be a good fit.

  7. 2 drums and carry it on your chest and identify as a woman, no one will suspect anything

  8. cannon was not loaded its a fun prank they like to play every year on by standers lol really gets you when your flying in for the first time haha

  9. None it functioned great I put about 200 rounds through it today no issues

  10. A product called kroil works very good and can buy it on Amazon

  11. It's that damn Walther again...a lady's purse gun. Here, try this Colt 1911, the us military swears by them. Like a brick through a plate glass window.

  12. Thanks. I don't use them all that much, but since I started carrying these I find myself reaching for them over my Leatherman when I need pliers. The pliers wrench is great when you need to grip something tight since it multiplies the force you put on it. I never know what situation I may find myself in, it's nice to know that when I need to tighten a leaking water inlet pipe on a toilet, or install some training wheels on a bike for a friend, I don't have to go looking for tools. They also work great for fixing bent flashlight pocket clips.

  13. 17 if you carry AIWB (slide is easiest part to conceal) and 19 for all other positions.

  14. i think it's rediculous people are downvoting my question. the /Glocks community is rediculous.

  15. there's a lot of purist here who think every one should know a Glock like the back of there hand. they forget that there's always a learning curve.

  16. I carry a glock 17 or my g26 I should have probably been a little more specific. And the karambit is really good wen you don't have the space to draw your primary weapon. No need to spend thousands brother you don't have to be a professional you just have to be proficient and confident in your skill. Wen up close a karambit is great for hooking and taking control of limbs to give you the opportunity to draw your primary.

  17. Look into the clinch pick, designed as a close range knife for when you can't get your gun out.

  18. Ignore the dirty 43x. I was just throwing it around in the dirt and tossing it 20 feet forward a bunch of time. Was trying to to show my friends that Glocks may look ugly, but function well even if abused.

  19. ahh thanx brother I really came in here to ask what happened to that beast lol battle wounds :)

  20. My 43x is my experimental Glock. I dunk in water a lot, throw at the dirt back stops, and even toss it away once I emptied the magazine and then switch to my G45 to continue shooting. It's still running well even after the 1000+ rounds I put through it.

  21. And I believe Glock will replace the frame for a small fee of about $100

  22. Placing the rear sight in front shortens the sight radius considerably. Adjustment access isn't an issue on the 507C.

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