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I asked them to stop camping

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  1. For me it’s because I have all the weapons, I’m lvl 55, and I have nothing else to do. So now when I play I get bored. I am not a camo grinder. I do love calling cards and emblems, but I can’t even put a Canada flag on, as there isn’t even country flags…just lgbtq flags….absurd. So now I play for half an hour and shut it off, as it gets boring fast

  2. I'm guessing you're new to Cod? Camping has been a thing looong before MW19

  3. As well I shouldn’t need to select a big map playlist for standard tdm with a 20+ in game map selection….

  4. Sure there is. But modes a don’t play or like. I just turned it off, and went back to Cold War.

  5. These “battles” are fucking stupid. 2 people screaming more gifts hit the like button… it’s fucking dumb.

  6. Lodenzo will help you out. In meantime have you tried a different Ethernet cable?

  7. No I have not. Ethernet is fine. Was previously in my ps5, as well as my mag322.

  8. I’ve not had this issue with any of Z10’s. And this is the first time I’m seeing someone say this, and I rotate boxes for testing purposes all the time.

  9. Watching the first episode as I type this. The chick yelling and screaming in the boat trying to be badass…right away I want her to die, yet she is a star.

  10. Maybe you’re just rubbish like me? 😂 I don’t think sim assist helps me at all, still shooting floor and sky 9m hours later

  11. I mainly use the Volk, the new smg (Can’t remember the name), and the new KG.

  12. I have had issues also. I had stb emulator before and the pro new version since Nov and both with do it. I am using Jio as the sub. The odd time my box totally freeze/lock up where I have to kill the power to do anything. Never had that before until the last 2 or 3 months. Love to know get rid of that and the freezing /glitch /repeat. I was watching the Bellayorfight last night and it was constantly having it hapoen and the audio not match the video

  13. I was a holder up until a week ago…since day 1. Not hating. Tried my hardest to trust the process. The process had more downs than ups, and not being a whale, I can’t afford to see all my $$ just disappear that I had into it.

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