1. I think many of us seem to have bounced right and left of center before landing in the pocket.

  2. I don't think that a lot of the descriptors of Ethereal really work "in reverse." For example, one can say "Ethereals often seem timeless, from a different era, often have wide-set eyes, often have fair coloring, often have elongated faces." But then when you try to reverse-engineer it, and measure someone's eyes to see if they're Ethereal, or type them based on coloring or having played roles in period pieces, it just doesn't work. After all, those with Dramatic and Romantic essences also tend to be cast in period pieces, like Sophia Loren and Elizabeth Taylor. Plus there seem to be more exceptions to the eye thing than there are examples by the rule.

  3. Yes, it is very interesting! The more I dig into Kitchener, the more I see how it comes together, and how it makes sense of all the missing pieces that Kibbe doesn't address.

  4. Liv Tyler as Arwen in Lord of the Rings, Carrie Coon as Bertha Russell in The Gilded Age, and Michelle Dockery as Lady Mary in Downtown Abbey.

  5. I always loved Alice in Wonderland, the first Tim Burton movie for it's eclectic, victorian-inspired fantastical looks as well as Alice Madness for the more gothic steampunk version. I generally adore the vibe of Tim Burton movies. The gothic oneiric style really rings true to me. I also love Luna Lovegood as a character and found her overall vibe and expressiveness very inspiring. She just goes her own way without minding other's opinions.

  6. Personally, I prefer abstract prints. Maybe that’s my Left sensibilities or my Ethereal qualities jumping out. I forgot I purchased this sweater many years ago while having an obsession with pearls.

  7. Fantastic, I'll supply the swords (my side business), and we can get makers to join :) I know a couple already ha!

  8. Excellent. Now I'm envisioning a group of us starting up a new essence system based on Middle Earth. 😎 (edit, only half kidding, of course!).

  9. "Don't tempt me Frodo!" You've seen how much effort I put into this already.

  10. This post is about my style logic and how right up might be the quadrant I want to be rather than who I am.

  11. Thank you for sharing your experience. I relate to this a lot, but for different reasons. In the last two years, I too have basically buried myself in work. I am Left Up, in a very Right Up profession. I've used other style systems to help foster in myself a sense of "correctness" and "upstanding" presentation in order to "fit in" better, which in my line of work means coming across as less of a nerd and more of a "responsible adult". Even to the point of receiving a compliment from a superior about "growth" made me think I must be on the right track.

  12. This is completely my personal opinion, but I think people in the Natural family do not need as much as others in many ways to look really put together, impactful & amazing. As I've said before, they bring a lot of style and structure to clothing, and therefore don't need clothing to work as hard to impart a sense of elegance. I think enviously of how my SN sister can look incredible in a wetsuit and beach-blown hair, whereas... that is not a great got-to look for everyone.

  13. Any Kibbe type can be any "fruit system" shape (hourglass, pear, apple, ruler, etc). Look at Olivia Munn, Lana Turner, and Gina Rowlands, all verified DC's who could be considered "hourglass" figures in the general sense. There are even pure Dramatics who are hourglass (and Romantics and other yin types who are apples and rulers).

  14. Congrats on returning to your type! I've done the same thing recently so I can entirely relate. Sometimes so much stuff gets in the way of your initial conclusion, everything from disparate outside suggestions to stereotypes causing problems to doubts that creep in that we must not be doing something right (at least these were my experiences), but I think deep down we really do know. Enjoy making outfits! 💃

  15. I get this 100% as a 5'2" Classic. Gamine styles, especially hairstyles, look really bad on me and Ingenue (outside of Kibbe) tiny and demure details are equally as bad. I have a moderate vertical and medium-sized structural "presence" despite being literally conventionally short. Shopping in the Petite department is very hit or miss, because the length may (or may not) be right but the cut of the garment hits in all the wrong places (a regular size in "Short" works a lot better). But finding my Kibbe type and realizing that I'm moderate really answered these questions for me.

  16. Love this! I love black too and resonate with Oneiric, but apparently I’m a Dark Autumn (so no black?). 😂 But yeah I think what you’re saying about color makes sense! I think this is a good negotiation, to dress in my lines, but use color to reflect essences more

  17. You can absolutely wear black as a Dark Autumn! In fact it's in most DA palettes. Maybe experiment with combining it with your dark muted teals, blues, purples, etc?

  18. Is it?!? Okay! I saw a pallette that was like….lots of tans and browns and was like…black not allowed?

  19. I know that the original Deep Autumn by Color Me Beautiful allowed black. Others specify the exact flavor of black, such as the Concept Wardrobe description of "a warmer black with a subtle greenish undertone". I've seen brown-black and deep anthracite grays used in Dark Autumn palettes as well. I think any of these can exude an Oneiric vibe! Think dark anthracite with a deep muted teal for that stormclouds-at-dusk effect.

  20. Apologies, I mis-took the response. You already have Ingenue at 20%. I meant to say, do you want gamine in the final 10% spot?

  21. That actress feeling is so relatable! It feels like you’re masquerading as yourself instead of embodying yourself. I hate that feeling. Wearing clothes I feel at home in allows me to embody myself fully in public.

  22. Yes! And I think this is where essences come in. They're the frosting on the cake, and what make us unique in a sea of others who are the same type. I think without this important piece, even a great outfit for you can still feel "off" somehow if it lacks the components that make you an individual.

  23. Tbh, I get the most compliments in general when I'm wearing my lines. I also get doors held for me (not something I need or am entirely comfortable with, but ok) and other subtle indicators from others' body language and behavior that I must be manifesting that C family essence.

  24. As I understand it (and as TiB describes it), Ethereal features are about elongation and S-curves. So, a pure Ethereal type may be very elongated and have soft yet elongated facial features, such as a long yet softly curved nose? Perhaps long fingers?

  25. My original comment repeated a lot of what's been said (lol). So let me try this again.

  26. I think the Ingenue essence is most common in yin types. So pure Romantic, SG, SC, and SN. McJimsey wrote that Ingenues tend to mature into Romantics and Classics.

  27. These two pics are on complete opposite spectrums so the improvements seem as stark as day and night.

  28. I was searching for this topic yesterday you read my mind !! For me it’s either SD or FN for sure! She’s so gorgeous btw! But I do love the bold looks which tend to be more D than N family now that I think about it. There is something classic about the looks themselves but she has too much vertical for a classic. On the other hand she kind of reminds me of Julia Roberts who is FN

  29. I'm also wondering about FN, and whether she's a Dark Winter who shouldn't be trying to be a blonde. Her body type and coloring remind me of Anne Hathaway.

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