1. Looks like communism to me. Beat’em into submission then beat’em some more.

  2. Instructions show to do this way, the hose pools water and can't have flat spots or U shaped bends It's a poor design.

  3. I seen someone post the other day about running the hose through the bottom something AC came up with a way to run through the bottom it may even require a attachment piece. Not sure just skimmed over post. I would contact them they will make it right and probably take it back if you don’t want it.

  4. He seems like a really nice guy ! Ask if he babysits? I sure can use a hood I mean good role Model for JR !

  5. As long as he’s a coke head and not a crack head it’s ok. One will watch the shit out of your kids, if he’s the other he’ll sell them.

  6. I'm sure you are just trying to make a joke, but there is no real difference between crack and coke, it's the exact same chemical. The main difference being that you smoke crack but you snort coke. But once it's in your system, it's all the same. If you took blood samples from people high on coke and people high on crack, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference with lab tests.

  7. OMG Sheldon I don’t need a text book definition. I’ve been to enough rehabs.

  8. I had to make three trips to the auto parts store just to get the right ones. Craziest shit I’ve seen over some damn lug nuts. I don’t get it Big Dan.

  9. Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s methamphetamine

  10. It’s most definitely meth. People I never thought would use it do. Turns out I was wrong. There’s no denying it here.

  11. I got my first job at 15 working at a grocery store. Loved it. Before that I mowed yards and shoveled snow started around 10 or 11. What’s wrong with working at 14 or 15? There are laws on how many hours they can work.

  12. It’s already eating his brain so I don’t think he’ll be around long enough to suffer effects from this stunt.

  13. Wow you get a year out of a pair of shoes? I’m lucky if I get 6 months out of a pair.

  14. If they would come to my area I would quit glass work after 30 years and gladly be a car wash manager.

  15. It’s a box. I seen the add in High Times. It’s basically a home sauna box.

  16. Yes unfortunately. The all too familiar tale. I had to pull him out of her mouth and then she attacked me. Hes been in ICU since Monday and the police said theres nothing they can do because its a first offense. He really needs a bent but my care credit wont cover much more so really hoping we dont have to make a hard decision 😢 hes such a good companion and 11 years old and healthy. Thankfully hes a fighter.

  17. I guarantee you he was talking it to protect you. I know all three of ours would lay down their life for ours.

  18. Yes he was definitely protecting me. We were just to our driveway at the end of our walk and the pit was with its owner on leash and he started lunging towards us and barking. I had my husky around my belt leash and murphy broke free and the owner couldnt control her dog very well and he reached out and just snapped murphy up and shook him and i had to tackle the pit and force him to give up murphy. It was a solid 8 min battle according to my apple watch. The woman just pulled on the dogs leash and screamed as it had murphy’s lifeless body. She was shaken too it was a horrible ordeal but i do feel at least part of his vet bills should be covered. The owner came over after we i had gone to vet er and urgent care for me and apologized and offered a hug but didn’t offer any compensation or anything. I was too emotionally shook and on valium so I’m sure i didn’t handle it how i should’ve

  19. I pre roll mine for work for the week. I use those 70mm Raw cones and use a pen to mark it with a letter so I know what I’m smoking. But when at home I roll big fatties.

  20. This is one of the times that I must be way out of the loop! I think she looks stunning and everyone on here is acting like she shit crackers in bed.

  21. Smoking it now. Harvested around 3 weeks ago. Turned out awesome and still needs to cure a couple of weeks for max couch lock.

  22. So if Tucker Carlson is behind him, does that make him gay too? Though Tucker was against gays. I guess he finally came around and wants to stand behind them now. Good for him.

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