Caitlin Jensen, paralyzed in June by her chiropractor can now move both sides of her body. Here's she getting cuddles with therapy dogs.

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  1. How do you test for negative pressure? very important for smell containment, I'm my case. I was thinking about this 🤔. Very nice.

  2. I don’t or I just use my nose to let me know when my filters need changing. If my box is closed there’s no smell outside the box.

  3. Very pretty. I've seen a lot of different designs. This being the most aesthetically pleasing and modern no question about it. It's badass

  4. I like it. It’s easy to put anything where you want it. Being that it’s wood I can run screws or hooks to hang fans and whatever else.

  5. The true question is, can they equip that many drafted people ?

  6. And the sad part is that’s at least 300,000 of them probably won’t make it back. For no reason.

  7. Also when I went to school every boy had a rifle in their back window. No one ever got shot or shot at.

  8. She's already down a heart and a brain.

  9. Probably got the cancer from all the lies she spewed from her mouth.

  10. Cool. That sets my mind at ease. I was thinking after drying a lot of the hair might fall off on its own anyway.

  11. I have three long hair wiener’s. Dog hair is a constant battle. Most comes off when I trim. I might find one or two when I bust a nug up.

  12. Glass guy here 30+ years. I’ve hung mirrors damn near every day, I’ve never seen one go bad that bad over night. Something had to get on back of mirror. I’ve also seen a roof leak come down in between wall behind mirror and cause it to go bad. If it was any company I’ve worked for or my own I would come out and look at it and probably replace it no cost.

  13. Since it’s your expertise, curious… I have this on the corners of a mirror. What causes it? Or just simple condensation from shower?

  14. Yes it could just be condensation from the shower I’ve seen it where people brush their teeth in the water goes up underneath and takes the backing off

  15. I’m 100% satisfied with this little light. Last grow I only got 2oz from one plant. My mind is made up, I will be saving for two SE5000 for my box. Thanks Spider Farmer 🙏🏻

  16. There’s a park in Bowling Green, Ky that’s full of them. Or at least 10 years ago. I believe WKU did some kind of breading program. Don’t quote me on that just what I was told.

  17. Yeah it’s funny,but when it’s you and it’s 30 degrees out and snowing while you have 4 layers of clothes on, not so much. At least I can laugh about it now.

  18. I’ve been looking at those or a drip ring system. Can’t make up my mind.

  19. I have been so happy with Blumats I wont grow without them again :)

  20. It doesn’t register on my lux meter at. I know the difference between lux and par but you’d still think you see some increase in the lux regardless. I honestly think mine is a lil defective because I think youd see an increase in lux as well, I’m not gonna buy a couple hundred dollar par meter because I don’t think it necessary. I’ve used the par/ppfd meter apps on iPhone and had the same results. Zero increase after 80%

  21. I have 3 different types of led lights. After 80 I don’t really notice any of them putting out more light. I’ve never checked par or lux and probably never will unless I start a big operation ( like I have time for that). I just read the plants. They’ll talk to you, you just have to listen and understand what they are saying. It’s taking me a long time to listen to them and I still argue with them.

  22. That there is the hippie flag. They are moving to Texas in hordes to take over.

  23. That’s so frosty I thought it was a really bad case of spider mites. Awesome job.

  24. That’s a wicker basket full of nope from me

  25. Glass guy here. I install these all the time. Get razor blades and a scraper for them and a box knife. Try to remove as much as you can. Denatured alcohol will help clean surface and help remove silicone. Let dry for a good day. They sell silicone at Lowe’s for shower’s’.

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