1. A former bank branch manager was arrested Wednesday on charges she embezzled more than $60,000 from multiple clients.

  2. Tighter credit conditions are set to usher in a wave of defaults and



  5. Three recent and very serious US bank failures — Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), Signature and First Republic — have one common denominator: all three businesses were audited by one of the world’s major professional services firms, KPMG. 


  7. “Greed will never be defeated” he commented here on Reddit somewhere.

  8. The White House and the Republican party have agreed in principle to raise America's debt ceiling and avert a default, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has said.


  10. Britain’s Treasury chief said he would be prepared to see the U.K. economy slip back into recession if further interest rate hikes are necessary to bring down inflation.


  12. Persistent inflation has helped push Germany into recession in the first three months of the


  14. Wells Fargo protest could be a sign of more climate action against the companies that finance oil and gas exploration.



  17. Every seven to ten years or so, a banking crisis of one nature or another unfolds here in the United States. Sometimes, it bleeds over into other countries, as it did in 2007-09. To be fair, such crises sometimes originate overseas and make their way to our shores, as happened with Latin America in the early 1990’s. These can have significant effects on the global economy, given how reliant companies and individuals are on banks to obtain capital to run their businesses and take out loans to buy homes, cars and other big-ticket items. The good news, so far, is that the current crisis has been limited and has not yet had a broad impact on the U.S. economy.




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