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  1. You are confusing seceding from the state with the country. There are several examples of states splitting but staying in the union.

  2. Yes. Eastern Oregon/Washington/Northern California = Western Wyoming. By the time you hit Jackson, CA , California becomes conservative.

  3. If the Assault Gun bill passes via Biden’s signature , but side arms, rifles and shotguns. Keep fighting!

  4. I attend Liberty, it’s a great school I never have to worry about hiding my faith and how it’s made me a better human being

  5. Liberty the school that is hated by college football fans in r.cfb.

  6. Former NFL Brown’s HC Sam Rutigliano started Liberty’s football program. Liberty has 137K undergraduates worldwide per current Biblical studies who was on Bannon (Rumble).

  7. As is Justin Casteau. He even mentioned Putin as a member. But the official line is he got booted.

  8. Putin is not a conservative contrary to myth; he has just aligned with Turkey/Iran. He has no problem aligning with Islamic terrorism and has butchered journalists and any government officials who question him.

  9. Tulsi Gabbard, Jay Inslee, Gavin Newsom, Dan Crenshaw , founding writer of CRT —all graduates.

  10. See Hillsdale College for online classes. I took one of their Introduction to the Constitution classes for my Credential requirement.

  11. The next 10 loads should go straight to Martha’s Vineyard

  12. Just bus 🚌 them to Newsom’s Plumpjack Winery or Sacramento Capitol steps. Our entire State is a sanctuary.

  13. Kari and Tudor in Michigan give me hope in our Fascist/Marxist blend of a Country. We’re not dead 💀 yet…

  14. I think it’s funny how they’re calling them “sex parties,” and not orgies, because that’s what they are. Orgies. People are going to orgies, knowing damn-well the dangers of them.

  15. The terms “sodomite”, “homosexual” are considered offensive in 2022 polite society!

  16. 147K IRS agents added to audit middle/lower class should Inflation Reduction Act bill be signed by Biden.

  17. Book bags are convenient, look non-threatening and can hold a myriad of improvised incendiary devices.

  18. Tulsi is a Schwab Young Global Leaders graduate. Pass! She’s a plant.

  19. McCarthy is done. Too many MAGA candidates won their primaries

  20. Not true. He controls ALL House Leadership positions. The House , like Senate , is still Establishment in its majority.

  21. You can't go to battle with weak minds leading you.

  22. GOP is the Democrat Party. If West was Speaker and Hawley was Majority Leader with Gosar as House Maj Leader come January, you would see the 1980s on Epinephrine. Alas, Chuck (Mitch) and Kevin (Nancy)—useless.

  23. Sodomy is a Leftist government protected disease—just like the outbreak of AIDS in the 1980s.

  24. JFK. I want the Fed abolished and the Progressive Income Tax repealed.

  25. Do not ever underestimate the Democrats ability to cheat. Every election from the school board to the President, they learn what not to do and what you do. Anyone who doesn’t understand this does not understand the left is drunk from power and will do everything it takes to win, legal or not.

  26. Wait til they discover that clean energy is a Fantasy. The only clean energy is nuclear. Electric power, as described for use with EV‘s will not be sustainable. 77 to 80% of lithium is mined in China. Wind turbines, solar panels, 80% made in China. What happens when we go to war with China? Heavy equipment will never be run with electricity never. All that money wasted for nothing because the Democrats simply invented another way to scam the public.

  27. Western Europe is a prime example of #GreenEnergyFailure. They could easily drill off of North Sea or Atlantic or look for natural gas pockets throughout their continent—not look to Eastern Europe ( Russia) for oil and natural gas.

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