Epic showdown between a latino family and racist one.

Did somebody say 'Murica?

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  1. if that was on the cement that dude is prolly dead

  2. I like the terps on this! Probably going to be my next pick up

  3. I'm sure it get's you lit, but this stuff just looks like snot to me. Is it really that much better than flower?

  4. its so much better than flower, once you use concentrates you’ll never fully go back to flower

  5. Lmao give me one piece of evidence Trump is racist….. i’ll be waiting

  6. The real dumb person is whoever wastes their money on powerball tickets

  7. I just posted a review yesterday! Check out my profile

  8. Should of let him burn to death. I have no remorse for anyone who drinks and gets behind the wheel. Takes so many innocent lives every year, that man deserved to die

  9. Then smoke weed? Especially if you live in a legal state and know it’s safe. Every single time I smoke I always do a 10 minute meditation, I call it a “super meditation” (creative I know).

  10. 🤣 I feel ya! Everything on here has mixed reviews. People can't agree on anything. The funny part is, people get mad and argue about it, instead of simply saying, "huh. I'm glad that works for you. I tried it and was unhappy. To each their own." So, as I can only speak from my experience, I will say that I have always been happy with my Hundred Percent Labs purchases. I don't vape much, but thier pax pods are the best option when I do (I HAD a uni pro that eas nice for the 510s, but my wife jacked it😁). And IMHO, their shatter is #1. But I love the strains they use, love the caryophyllene %, love the easy handling of the shatter (it's not super sticky, easy to snap a piece off and toss it in yocan).

  11. yeah terp numbers are everything to me, more important than cannabinoid profile. I haven’t done shatter in so long but now you got me tempted😂

  12. Cannabinoid #s don't tell me shit...terp #s tell me what a strain does and how its gonna effect me

  13. whole lotta Limonine, effects are always great on this one. Def one of the best Rosin’s in program, enjoy!

  14. If you cough into it it don’t matter how much water you have some will find it’s way through

  15. I found that filling it just above the logo works best

  16. I agree I always used the logo as a guide. However I’m not willing to risk 70 for a little water. I feel it just hits different without water.

  17. Carta 2!!!!! I’m in love! Has an app, keeps track of how many dabs you take, and comes with a 3D chamber instead of needed to spend an extra $100 on puffco. I think it’s the best e-rig out rn and my friend who has a peak pro agrees

  18. Hey, 0 mold! Did they finally get it under control now?

  19. yup standard always has amazing stuff. I wish they would lower the price slightly because AR and Firelands rosin is soooo much more affordable

  20. Forsure, bought it probably 3 weeks ago packaged 10/5 batch #0851, 13mg caryophyllene 7.92mg limonene 5.15mg linalool. Straight pepper on the exhale

  21. damn i’ll definitely like it then, i’ll keep an eye out

  22. jesus christ is he fucking alive what the fuck was that sound

  23. his right arm snapped when he tried to catch himself on the way down. did the right thing, it was either his neck or arm

  24. Program has come a long way. That’s called progression. I’m grateful to live in ohio.

  25. I feel like you’re preaching to the choir. And if you’re looking at this post and did vote republican thanks for being close minded

  26. Severely mentally ill, trying to get himself cancelled it seems.

  27. Hell yeah! My buddy has the regen, and it was only $30, but has 3 temp settings, magnetic hood (trust me, you want this), and the little silicone storage cup on bottom

  28. yeah I have a Carta 2 and im in love with it. Has a scoreboard that counts your dabs😂 almost 500 in

  29. YoCan orbit is a decent wax pen for $50. has terp pearls. Erik Khan made a

  30. Veryyyy mentally ill, very sad people keep putting him on camera. He needs to stay to himself and figure shit out

  31. if you stick to 460-490 you should get thousands of dabs. If you got the atty on sale then screw it tho, probably nice to start fresh

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