1. Pikmin is sooo good, I haven't played that in over a decade.

  2. what are you talking about this is ridiculous :3

  3. I've had straight men admit that they weren't actually bothered, but they pretended that they were bothered because they felt that's what was expected of them as straight men and didn't want to look 'gay' by being honest about their feelings.

  4. nah its one of the minigames from super mario 64 ds

  5. Oh yeah that "Man Residue" argument. That one will always remind me of Temmie for some reason.

  6. This comment now has man residue™️ on it

  7. they never said they listened to it the whole way through

  8. well, my aim isnt straight, but i do swing both ways. Violently. With an axe

  9. honestly with some of the things I've seen some weird kinks and fetishes seem almost normal

  10. i am gay for the fish man from the legend of zelda: breath of the wild

  11. The visuals are really nice, the music is phenomenal, the story can be really good (funnily enough the larger side stories are more impactful to me than the main one for the most part, i felt bad for a robot that usually tries to kill me) and i am gay for the male mc aether

  12. I absolutely would if i had any semblance of confidence in the matter :(

  13. I don't care what anyone says scarlet and violet have clodsire and that makes them the best games by default

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